Why Juice?

Why Juice?
As a dietitian with a former career in counseling and teaching nutrition education classes, the transition to food is not completely off the wall but many times I have received the question, why juice? As juice these days has a pretty bad reputation and in fact, some people would put juice in the same category as other junk foods such as soda and candy in contributing to our outrageous rates of obesity, diabetes and disease. So it may seem to some questionable why I would not only be endorsing but promoting and making fresh juice. My answer, fresh juice is not the same as juice you find in grocery stores, it’s just not. Pure Simple Juice is made with the most beautiful fresh, organic produce, hand juiced and pressed, then bottled and brought to you immediately. There is no added sugar or “natural” flavors, it is just that, pure simple juice. If you are concerned about the natural sugar found in fruits, then choose the vegetables juices or mix your juice with seltzer water and drink smaller amounts at one time.

Why Raw Juice?
Fresh juice contains wonderful components that encourage wellness and healing. Our body’s cells help protect us against free radicals and oxidative damage with the help of antioxidants and enzymes found in plants. Because each glass of Pure Simple Juice provides at least 3-4 servings of fruits and/or vegetables, with each sip you are ensured you are getting a good dose of these powerful healers. Although raw juice is missing some of the fiber found in fresh, it’s the juice that contains the nourishment. There are plenty of other ways to get the fiber you need–beans (beans have up to 10 grams per serving!), lentils, oats, whole grains, psyllium, flax seeds, chia seeds and of course fruits and vegetables. And lastly, Pure Simple Juice just tastes so amazing!

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