Where do you get your produce?

It’s time to celebrate the coming of the sunshine and summer months in the Northwest. And along with the good weather we can also enjoy an amazing bounty of fresh & local produce.













A friend from out of town was visiting this week and I took them for an afternoon of Pure Simple Juice business to the Wednesday farmers market. As I picked up my produce orders, my friend asked “do people know where you get your produce? This is really beautiful produce that you are juicing”.  My response, “good question”.

Prior to Pure Simple Juice, I was a regular market shopper, enjoying a slow wander through the stalls purchasing whichever fresh produce caught my attention and generally being in awe of the incredible variety you can find at the market. From the beginning, strengthening and expanding these connection with the many Oregon/Washington farmers was a founding principle of our company. Therefore it was a natural decision when beginning Pure Simple Juice to source locally as much as possible.

It’s been incredible to witness the very tangible difference that local and organic makes on the flavor and quality of our juices. There is nothing quite like receiving a giant box of beets or carrots that literally were pulled from the ground, washed and delivered on the day of juicing.  From the nutrition perspective the vibrancy of the colors, the brightest of green kale juice or deep purple of beets tells me just how rich the juices are in vitamins/minerals and powerful antioxidants. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t use the best produce I could find.

So where does your produce come from? This week your juices come from the following sources:

  •  Seasonal Juice
  • Prairie Creek Farms Purple Carrot/Apple/Ginger
  • Market Blends
  • Back again for one more delicious week…..
  • Spring Hill Farm Kale/Spring Hill Farm Mint/Apple
  • Groundworks Organics Strawberry/Groundworks Organics Rhubarb/Local Honey/Lime

 My gratitude goes to these Farms whom supplied us with the freshest of fresh produce to make the most delicious Pure Simple Juice. See you at the market! Dulcinea

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