Portland Things We Love….

Fresh Juice! That’s obviously #1 but in addition I wanted to share a few good for you things I’ve been into lately.  To your health & well-being!

Real Recipes Plans Need inspiration, healthy new recipes ideas or some direction in the kitchen? Chef Kimi offers her naturally gluten-soy and dairy free recipes through a weekly meal plan including awesome shopping list for just $10/month.


Queen of Hearts Baking Company We used to share our kitchen with Queen of Hearts & since they’ve moved I am reminded how much I love them and miss them.  Their savory gluten-free hand pies are the best go-to simple, delicious meal.  Check them out at the Portland Farmers Market and around PDX!


Foxfire Teas Foxfire’s sweet and spicy Harmony tea serves as a great compliment to our cleanse. We include as part of our cleanse package and now offer on our web site to pick-up along with your juice order.

foxfire logo

The Seaweed Bath Company Whole Seaweed Detox Bath. This blew me away, truly incredible. Full of sea minerals (similar to your body’s) that leaves you feeling replenished and glowing. Available at Gravitas Studio.

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