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Hello from Pure Simple Juice! 

On a few occasions recently some dear friends and supporters have said to me “you need to tell people about the nutritional benefit of your juices”. As a dietitian, I have kind of left the juices to speak for themselves in taste and then have enjoyed the fact (perhaps silently) that I am bringing some amazing nutrition into people’s diets. 

However, since we are now officially in the summer season and the weather is just about at a transition point, and many an allergy-ridden person is suffering the change, I think now is a good time to share a little about the health benefits of Pure Simple Juice.

Each blend is unique in it’s nutrition properties but one thing they all have in common is that I use the freshest and most local produce I can find. For example, I typically pick up produce from Groundworks Organics or Persephone Farms (both Portland Farmer’s Market vendors) on the day before I juice, all based on what is in season that week. Then I madly juice all Thursday morning before the market. That way, the time from when the produce was picked, juiced and reaches you is merely hours in the grand scheme of things and still contains the greatest amount of nutrients possible.

 More About This week’s Juice blends 

True Green: Cucumber, Spinach, Mint, Lime, Blue Green Algae. This juice is full of green power. It includes immune-boosting and healing nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Folic Acid and a variety of antioxidants. The spinach gives your body’s immune system an extra boost while the cucumber, rich in silica, helps your hair, nails and skin stay healthy. And to top it off a little blue green algae, Earth’s brain food which can help with mental clarity, concentration and is a general mood-booster. 

AppleCuCarrot: A delicious blend of apple, cucumber, and carrot. Interesting and healthy. Again the cucumber good for your hair, skin, nails while the carrot loads you up with beta-carotene, great too for your hair, skin, nails and for your eyes.

 Almond Milk: Almond, pumpkin seed, date, maple syrup, cinnamon. Almonds are a health-supportive food that help to alkalize the body (balance the body’s pH) and contain calcium. Pumpkin seeds provide a valuable source of Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and are natural vermifuge (anti-worm). Dates and maple syrup add sweetness while cinnamon is a beneficial preservative and spice. Health benefits of cinnamon vary from slowing cancer cell growth to reducing inflammation. For those who are truly allergy ridden, we’ll make just a few with almonds, dates, local honey and bee pollen. To help your body build it’s immunity against those allergens we are now surrounded by.

Pre-order your juices NOW by sending us an email! And of course, if you’d like a special personalized blend, let us know. The options of delicious juice combinations is endless (nearly).

See you at the Market! 

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