Round Two–Weekday Cleansers Begin

Round two, freshly pressed, ready-to-go, box and all this time. Pure Simple Juice’s, second round of juice testers is beginning the weekday cleanse tomorrow. As for the weekend group, they are still fasting, a bit hungry but consensus is juices are really tasty. 

Some of you may be asking so why would you do such a thing to yourself? I certainly have my own reasons as the dietitian, founder and deliverer of the cleanse, for my answer you can check out the web site Instead I’ll share with you thoughts from those that I asked prior to the cleanse. These reasons included: Seeing what it’s like to go without eating, trying a fast because they’ve never done one before, athletic performance adjustments, personalizing the seasonal changes currently taking place, helping to relieve allergies both from the seasonal change as well as to gauge how their body reacts to certain foods after “clearing the palette” so to speak, longevity and lifestyle/eating habit changes for better health. 

All great and very different reasons to participate in an activity that is designed to challenge your everyday routine, as well as allow you to reflect and understand more concretely, how your body uses the sustenance we require. 

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