Pure Simple Juice Cleanse + Belly Massage = A New Radiant You!

What is more relaxing than massage? Belly massage! Angela Severson, licensed massage therapist, treats you from your esophagus down through your large intestine and during this journey provides you the ultimate relaxing experience. 

A note from Angela on massage & the role in a Pure Simple Juice Cleanse ; 

          Congratulations!  By choosing to participate in a cleanse, you are honoring and attuning to your body’s needs.  Pure Simple Juice is a lovely way to provide your organs wholesome nutrients and support for detoxifying.

The motivation to cleanse comes to each of us at different times and for a variety of reasons, from a desire to maximize general wellness to addressing and healing complicated illness and unrest in the body.  As you eliminate the foods that tax your system and begin to add healing nutrients, you are being transformed from the inside-out.  This process can at times be bumpy, resulting in a number of challenging “detox” symptoms.

Abdominal massage supports you from the outside-in. Nourishing and gentle manipulation of the organs assists your body’s natural detoxification process.  In addition abdominal massage supports your nervous system, giving it the gentle nudge it needs to relax, so your organs can continue doing their job during the cleansing process.

Last but not least, abdominal massage allows you to feel a deeper gratitude for the beautiful and vital work your organs do for you every minute of everyday.

Pure Simple Juice Cleanse participants will receive $10 off the regular price when they book a Belly Massage with Angela Severson, LMT. Please call to schedule and make sure to mention Pure Simple Juice! 

Angela Severson:  541-517-4757

Angela Severson is a LMT, practicing in NE Portland.  Her passion is to support her clients in their journey home- in their bodies.  Using her extensive training in both Biodynamic and Abdominal Massage, she listens to the stories her clients’ bodies are telling, and provides the nurturance they need for self-healing.  Her personal experience with digestive “dis-ease” have lead her to add abdominal massage as her area of expertise.  This method of massage is particularly helpful during cleansing, as it heals our core selves. 

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