Why I Cleanse?

It is perhaps obvious that I am a believer in the benefits of cleansing your diet and body but I wanted to share that not only do I support those whom are cleansing but do in fact participate myself. And now is the time for a cleanse for me.

How did I know? Well after a month of house guests and entertaining I was left with a feeling of slow digestion, oily skin and fully addicted to caffeine. I certainly enjoyed myself and many of Portland’s indulgences, possibly a little too much at times but I know I pushed my edge and after my last guest left I was clearly very ready to bring balance and health back into my life.

So where to begin? Caffeine. I always like to eliminate caffeine first, as it’s difficult and I can get grumpy if I make a lot of changes at once. The perfect time I thought was just before I went backpacking last weekend. Days 1,2,3, and 4 left me with a small aching head but I also had aching everything after hiking 25 miles so alas am happy to report now day 6, no headache.Today I began with herbal coffee (dandelion root, maca powder, and some other healing herbs) as mentally I really wanted coffee because it’s gray and coldish and coffee just goes right along with those things. Herbal coffee fulfilled my desires enough and I have officially deemed myself unaddicted, for now anyway.

Cleanses vary and can be really anything you like from water cleanses to only raw foods. I have decided the theme of my cleanse-Vitality!  Bringing life force through truly nourishing foods and I am aiming for 90% raw and/or sprouted foods….so begins my cleanse with vitality salads, sprouted grains, veggies and Pure Simple Juice Smoothies. Feeling better already after putting that intention out there. And so I begin, starting off with a farm fresh delivery of swiss chard, salad greens, heirloom tomatoes and wild blackberries….recipes to come.

Why Juice?

Why Juice?
As a dietitian with a former career in counseling and teaching nutrition education classes, the transition to food is not completely off the wall but many times I have received the question, why juice? As juice these days has a pretty bad reputation and in fact, some people would put juice in the same category as other junk foods such as soda and candy in contributing to our outrageous rates of obesity, diabetes and disease. So it may seem to some questionable why I would not only be endorsing but promoting and making fresh juice. My answer, fresh juice is not the same as juice you find in grocery stores, it’s just not. Pure Simple Juice is made with the most beautiful fresh, organic produce, hand juiced and pressed, then bottled and brought to you immediately. There is no added sugar or “natural” flavors, it is just that, pure simple juice. If you are concerned about the natural sugar found in fruits, then choose the vegetables juices or mix your juice with seltzer water and drink smaller amounts at one time.

Why Raw Juice?
Fresh juice contains wonderful components that encourage wellness and healing. Our body’s cells help protect us against free radicals and oxidative damage with the help of antioxidants and enzymes found in plants. Because each glass of Pure Simple Juice provides at least 3-4 servings of fruits and/or vegetables, with each sip you are ensured you are getting a good dose of these powerful healers. Although raw juice is missing some of the fiber found in fresh, it’s the juice that contains the nourishment. There are plenty of other ways to get the fiber you need–beans (beans have up to 10 grams per serving!), lentils, oats, whole grains, psyllium, flax seeds, chia seeds and of course fruits and vegetables. And lastly, Pure Simple Juice just tastes so amazing!

Where can you find amazing, fresh, local juice?

As Pure Simple Juice rolls along with summer and it’s community of loyal and new customers and friends steadily grows, I realize that it may not quite be clear the various ways in which you can incorporate Pure Simple Juice into your life.
So how can you get your hands on Pure Simple Juice?
1) Portland Farmers Market-Pioneer Square, most Mondays from 10-2pm.
2) Portland Farmers Market-NW 19th & Everett, every Thursday from 3-7pm.
3) Market Q. This weekend at Market Q: FREE brunch from 10:00am-1:00pm….We will be preparing, serving, and showcasing our lovely vendors (including Pure Simple Juice) in the south room of Q Center during regular market hours. Come eat some tasty treats with us, listen to some great local musicians and support your local LGBTA farmer’s market! http://www.pdxqcenter.org/market-q-farmers-market-at-q-center/

4) Salt, Fire & Time Grocery/Kitchen. NW 24th Ave, between Thurman & Vaughn, Tuesday-Friday 11-7pm. So for those of you craving a bottle of juice right NOW there are apple/kale/ginger/mint and blueberry/apple/beet bottles in stock!

And if you have not discovered Salt, Fire & Time yet, you should. This is a lovely small grocery with traditional healing foods such as bone broth, kombucha, local eggs, meat, dairy and other amazingly nutritious and delicious fermented salads and treats. They also offer a community feast on Friday nights during the summer. Check out the web site: http://saltfireandtime.com/
5) Order it! I take special orders and by special, Pure Simple juice will make juices just for you. And for you, I mean for yourself, your friends, a special brunch or an office party. Here is how you do it, I juice on Thursdays and most Sundays, so at least 2 days in advance, send me an email at hello@puresimplejuice.com or call 503-987-0451 with your request. For larger orders or your own special unique blend please let me know earlier than 2 days. It’s that simple.
6) Try a juice cleanse. This way you get 5, yes 5 bottles of nutritious juice per day for 3 whole days. Your body will love you. Next introduction to cleanse class and cleanse is Sunday, August 7th. Sign-up now to reserve a spot: http://www.puresimplejuice.com/cleanse.html

There you have it. Currently 6 different ways to find Pure Simple Juice.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Inspiring story of people taking control of their health through guess what? Juice of course. 


Lessons from a cleanse

As Pure Simple Juice develops and the daily to-do list grows, I decided to take a moment for myself and participate in my own cleanse. Although this was not my first every dietary cleanse, it certainly was a monumental one as I was fully immersed in it from all perspectives.

Just a few lessons that I learned:

1) Really, one should not drink that glass of wine (or two) pre-cleanse. Seems like a good idea but really when you wake up a little hazy and you are craving something salty and hearty but instead are faced with a bottle of juice, you start off first morning of with a very difficult decision to make.

2) The vanilla almond pumpkin seed milk was the most amazing addition to the cleanse ever. After a day of juice, lemonade and herbal tea, I felt like I was drinking the most exotic and dreamy beverage that was ever created. Yummm.

3) It’s a challenge. It takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to do something out of your routine. And although this is part of the benefit of it all, it can also be very difficult at times. This is one of the reasons why, as part of Pure Simple Juice cleanse I am offering my support and guidance to clients.  I actually read through my own frequently asked questions, reasons to cleanse and list of reasons why I decided to do this in the first place, at least twice daily.

4)  Day 3, I no longer craved or thought about my morning cup of coffee which was a surprise.  I was pretty energetic, well at least until 7pm…. And when I cooked my first meal my appreciation for it was remarkable. Most importantly, I was happy for myself for accomplishing the cleanse and for the benefit it had on my body and overall, I really did feel good.

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