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#2 Gut Killer-Gluten

Mass-produced breads and snack foods often contain genetically-modified grains that have not been allowed to germinate in their natural patterns. Instead they are comprised of larger size proteins (meaning hard to digest) and contain components which are altered to attack the gut of any bugs that may harvest on the grain. In turn as we […]

3 Gut Killers

Proper digestion is key to good health; your gut is vital to the process of food breakdown, absorption and elimination. Home to an endless community of bacteria, both good and bad, the fine balance of your gut can be affected by many factors. Gut Killer #1  Antibiotics.   It’s true that at times antibiotics play a […]

New! Foxfire Teas for the Cleanse

Our latest addition to the Pure Simple Juice Cleanse. Lovely relaxing organic herbal tea brought to you by Foxfire Teas here in Portland.


This Week’s Seasonal Juice; Strawberry/Apple/Beet Straight from the market local strawberries from Groundworks Organics this week. They are beautiful, sweet, full of Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. Put into a juice with apple and a little beet and they are purely amazing. Find our Seasonal Juice at the Pure Simple Juice/Salt, Fire & Time Kitchen […]

Where do you get your produce?

It’s time to celebrate the coming of the sunshine and summer months in the Northwest. And along with the good weather we can also enjoy an amazing bounty of fresh & local produce.                         A friend from out of town was visiting this week […]

Top 5 Reasons to drink Pure Simple Juice…

Why we all could use a little more Pure Simple Juice * Living enzymes. Made fresh our juice has not been pasteurized therefore you benefit from all of the living enzymes that promote health and good digestion. * Organic produce. No need to add more pesticides and chemicals into your body, we use all organic or grown-with organic […]

Kale, The New Beef?!

7 Reasons Why Kale is the New Beef.  A quick read and one of my favorite food articles, just in case you need a little extra nudge to get your greens, daily! This week get more greens with the Pure Simple Juice seasonal juice, Apple/Kale/Ginger/Mint.  Or in a Pure Simple Juice cleanse, providing you parsley, celery, spinach, […]

What’s for dinner at your house?

Don’t feel like cooking? Chef Kimi does, she’s outstanding!  Here is what our Pure Simple Juice Food & Juicers will be getting today: Quinoa Cakes with roasted peppers and sautéed greens Asparagus and Watercress soup with basil yogurt Biryani Rice Salad with Saffron, Apricots, Pistachios, Almonds and Coconut Spring Vegetable Lasagna  Cheers! More info? Email us […]

Pure Simple Allergy Relief

Its that time of year again…and it is beautiful! But as Spring blooms around us for those with seasonal allergies it can be intolerable. Try one of our Pure Simple Juice seasonal blends for bit of relief (or just because you love our juice!). Honey Almond Milk* (Almonds, Oregon Local Honey, Oregon Local Bee Pollen, […]