Gravitas Yoga & Juice Cleanse

Pure Simple Juice is getting excited to offer our first yoga/juice cleanse experience with Gravitas Yoga on Thursday, September 27th. Check out their studio for awesome antigravity yoga classes, infrared hot yoga classes and infrared sauna. All great ways to get your body moving and sweating to help get the toxins out while doing a cleanse.

For more info on the program contact Gravitas Yoga,  phone: 503-281-0046    email:

We will not be taking additional orders for cleanses on Thursday, September 27th, Thanks for Understanding!


Gut Killers Part III

Gut Killer #3 Stress

 The gut and the brain hold a powerful connection, In fact, the gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain or belly brain. Your gut has even more neurons than your brain. That being said it makes sense that in order to have healthy digestion you must avoid unnecessary stressors and find ways to deal with the inevitable stresses of life.

One way to cope with stress is through mood-boosting foods. Your brain is constantly making neurotransmitters and neuropeptides from nutrients. Food is the structural beginning of brain chemicals, such as serotonin. Serotonin=calm, positive, feelings. Additionally, your feelings can be instantly changed by what you eat.  So next time you are feeling over busy, stressed, tired, try this shake brake for an immediate serotonin boost and mood changer:

1 small banana

1 cup of pineapple or orange juice

½ cup strawberries or papaya

1 to 3 tsp flax oil (as tolerated)

Try and avoid caffeine 2 hours before/after the shake as caffeine can inhibit the positive benefit of serotonin.  Serotonin containing foods include: banana, papaya, passionfruit, pineapple, dates, figs, kiwi, plums, avocado, tomato

Sellwood Yoga + Juice Cleanse

Join Pure Simple Juice & Sellwood Yoga for 3 days of juice cleanse plus unlimited yoga

The “Self Care Nourishment” information class meets on Thursday, September 20th from 7:30-8:15pm. The 3 day cleanse goes from Friday-Sunday (9/21-23). The yoga pass is valid for an unlimited number of classes at Sellwood Yoga from Friday, 9/21 – Sunday, 9/23.

Total Package $210 includes:
*15 (16 ounce organic, freshly made beverages including juices, vegetarian broths, kombucha, tea.)
*1 Information Class that covers the protocol of the cleanse, handouts, & tips.
*Support during the cleanse from Dulcinea, registered dietician as well as a follow up 30 minute consultation.
*Unlimited 3 day yoga pass at Sellwood Yoga (9/21-9/23).

Sign-Up at Sellwood Yoga, 503-575,9982

#2 Gut Killer-Gluten

Mass-produced breads and snack foods often contain genetically-modified grains that have not been allowed to germinate in their natural patterns. Instead they are comprised of larger size proteins (meaning hard to digest) and contain components which are altered to attack the gut of any bugs that may harvest on the grain. In turn as we consume more bread/wheat long-term we too get affected. Traditional practices of soaking, fermenting and sprouting grains help neutralize the effect of gluten, making it far more digestible however most of us don’t have the time or energy to fit this into our busy lives.

It is known now that an estimated 1 in 133 Americans have Celiac Disease (most of these people have no idea). Celiac is a condition in which people experience a destructive, inflammatory autoimmune response in their small intestine after eating gluten.

Additionally, around 18 million people have gluten intolerance or sensitivity in the USA. While Celiac disease causes significant damage to the intestine, gluten intolerance can cause wide-range inflammation which is often manifested more subtly in chronic conditions such as heart disease, migraines, infertility, depression/anxiety and ADHD just to mention a few.

 How do you know if you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity?

 One way to find out is to do an elimination diet. You need to get out all the top allergens (soy, corn, gluten/wheat, dairy and peanuts) and follow a simple diet for minimum one week. This is great time to incorporate a Pure Simple Juice Cleanse as then you don’t have to worry about what to eat or not, you just drink juices and let your body rest. Following the elimination you then slowly reintroduce foods one at a time and monitor for any symptoms of intolerance/sensitivity (rash, indigestion, gas, acne, stuffy nose and the list goes on). It is helpful to work with a Naturopath, Dietitian or other licensed practitioner to assist with the process (check out our ‘additional healing therapy section’ for local recommendations & if your cleansing I’ll be happy to answer your questions/concerns).


3 Gut Killers

Proper digestion is key to good health; your gut is vital to the process of food breakdown, absorption and elimination. Home to an endless community of bacteria, both good and bad, the fine balance of your gut can be affected by many factors.

Gut Killer #1  Antibiotics. 

 It’s true that at times antibiotics play a key role in addressing serious infections however often antibiotics are unnecessarily prescribed and used as a ‘quick fix’. The reality is that antibiotic use is really more of a quick harm. If you think of your gut as a lush forest, taking years to grow and thrive, antibiotics are like a forest fire and one prescription can wipe out all your precious gut bacteria.  Making it difficult to rebuild and replenish especially with prolonged antibiotic use.

Solution. Take antibiotics sparingly and only when needed and make sure to include plenty of fermented foods and prebiotic containing foods in your diet regularly.

 Fermented foods (contain probiotics, healthy living bacteria):

miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, kombucha

 Prebiotic foods (stimulate bacteria growth):

chicory, dandelion greens, artichokes, banana, garlic, leek, onion, asparagus, oats

New! Foxfire Teas for the Cleanse

Our latest addition to the Pure Simple Juice Cleanse.

Lovely relaxing organic herbal tea brought to you by Foxfire Teas here in Portland.


This Week’s Seasonal Juice; Strawberry/Apple/Beet

Straight from the market local strawberries from Groundworks Organics this week. They are beautiful, sweet, full of Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. Put into a juice with apple and a little beet and they are purely amazing.

Find our Seasonal Juice at the Pure Simple Juice/Salt, Fire & Time Kitchen

(1902 NW 24th Ave, between Thurman & Vaughn)

11-7pm Th. and Fr.

Just a reminder no Farmers Market this Saturday. See you Soon!

Upcoming Juice Cleanse, Nutrition Class & Yoga

Where do you get your produce?

It’s time to celebrate the coming of the sunshine and summer months in the Northwest. And along with the good weather we can also enjoy an amazing bounty of fresh & local produce.













A friend from out of town was visiting this week and I took them for an afternoon of Pure Simple Juice business to the Wednesday farmers market. As I picked up my produce orders, my friend asked “do people know where you get your produce? This is really beautiful produce that you are juicing”.  My response, “good question”.

Prior to Pure Simple Juice, I was a regular market shopper, enjoying a slow wander through the stalls purchasing whichever fresh produce caught my attention and generally being in awe of the incredible variety you can find at the market. From the beginning, strengthening and expanding these connection with the many Oregon/Washington farmers was a founding principle of our company. Therefore it was a natural decision when beginning Pure Simple Juice to source locally as much as possible.

It’s been incredible to witness the very tangible difference that local and organic makes on the flavor and quality of our juices. There is nothing quite like receiving a giant box of beets or carrots that literally were pulled from the ground, washed and delivered on the day of juicing.  From the nutrition perspective the vibrancy of the colors, the brightest of green kale juice or deep purple of beets tells me just how rich the juices are in vitamins/minerals and powerful antioxidants. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t use the best produce I could find.

So where does your produce come from? This week your juices come from the following sources:

  •  Seasonal Juice
  • Prairie Creek Farms Purple Carrot/Apple/Ginger
  • Market Blends
  • Back again for one more delicious week…..
  • Spring Hill Farm Kale/Spring Hill Farm Mint/Apple
  • Groundworks Organics Strawberry/Groundworks Organics Rhubarb/Local Honey/Lime

 My gratitude goes to these Farms whom supplied us with the freshest of fresh produce to make the most delicious Pure Simple Juice. See you at the market! Dulcinea

Top 5 Reasons to drink Pure Simple Juice…

Why we all could use a little more Pure Simple Juice

* Living enzymes. Made fresh our juice has not been pasteurized therefore you benefit from all of the living enzymes that promote health and good digestion.
* Organic produce. No need to add more pesticides and chemicals into your body, we use all organic or grown-with organic practice ingredients.
* Support local farmers. As we got our start at the market much of our produce comes from farmers at the market & surrounding area to bring you the season’s best Oregon/Washington produce.
* You need more fruits & vegetables in your life. As most of us do! Each bottle of juice provides you literally pounds of fresh fruits & vegetables(estimated 3-4 servings of produce). So you get a huge load of antioxidant, vitamin & mineral goodness with every sip.
* It is amazingly delicious. Our juice is hand-pressed in small batches, I’ll just let the juice speak for itself.

This Week:

At the PSU Saturday Market (8:30-2): Apple/Kale/Mint, Honey Rhubarb & Almond Milk

At Our Kitchen (1902 NW 24th, 11-7pm): Apple/Kale/Ginger/Mint & Almond Milk

photo credit: Jennifer Murdock Photography

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