Bring a bottle, Take a bottle

It’s the Pure Simple Juice great bottle round-up of 2012.

As a company Pure Simple Juice aims to incorporate sustainable, earth-friendly practices int our daily operations. A component of this is our use of glass bottles, although a little more energy intensive to produce their life is only as long as you make it.

This week we are encouraging all bottle returns. Special offer this Thursday bring back your clean bottle and we’ll fill it back up with our seasonal fresh juice–Apple/Kale/Mint for an extra $1 Off. Return bottles during Salt, Fire & Time Store hours 11-7pm or place on front porch during off hours.

We appreciate you joining our efforts for sustainability!

Juice/Bottle Returns to: Salt, Fire & Time Grocery/Pure Simple Juice Kitchen, 1902 NW 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97210

Great Things with Almond Milk

I’ve been taking advantage of the post-market, pre-holiday seasonal lull to try out some new recipes and plan for a new and exciting year. As part of that, Pure Simple Juice, along with the help of a supportive and energetic customer, is working on a new recipe for nut milk that can be frothed, steamed, and sipped in one fine cup of coffee. So stay tuned for our very own cafe blend.

At the coffee shop with Brennan Novak & Courier Coffee:

November 9th, 2011

Liberty Glass starts brunch this weekend, one of the accounts we roast coffee for. Located down hill from the intersection of Fremont & Mississippi, in the house. They will be brewing one liter at a time, between making bloody mary’s, beer, and dishing out breakfast.
The espresso batch we tapped into this week (at our bar) is an improvement over last. Tuesday and Today were pretty killer for making Little Buddy’s, and straight espresso with the El Salvador Rosario farm coffee of 11/7/5am. Last week espresso was a  touch dark for our taste, and actually we still want to go yet lighter with our espresso roast. Much improving to go! Always feel free to tell us your thoughts on drinks please, we are here to help.
Bakery items have been switching up quite a bit on bar. We are reworking the molasses cookie recipe to include more butter than before, and then attempting to rework a second recipe of the same that is entirely vegan (at the suggestion of Dovetail Baking). Each milk drink made “for here” is now getting plated with a tiny molasses cookie (of the butter recipe), last weeks cookies were gingerbread.  The Muffins especially we are working to cram as much healthy stuff in as possible (more whole wheat, amaranth, house milled golden flax). Keep in mind almost all of our grain and seed is Bobs Redmill, and all our molasses is organic. Above we are running tests on non-gmo dairy alternatives. Everything except bars and granola we are baking off each morning!



Very very part-time position:
Locally, owned juice/nutrition company seeking a competent, friendly individual with kitchen experience or desire to be in a kitchen. Interest in nutrition and food is a must. Very part-time food-prep/juice making/dish washing position, estimated 4-8 hours per week, Thursday and Sunday mornings.

Seeking a motivated individual whom is interested in food, nutrition, small business and sales/marketing. As a growing business we need help! Creative thoughts, manpower, and computer/social media skills can all be utilized and in turn you get the full experience of working in small business. Some prior education and experience is helpful but not integral.

-Ability to learn the basics of operating a business.
-Spend time working in a commercial kitchen.
-Basic food prep skills can be taught.
-Under the guidance of a registered dietitian, learn about nutrition, your food and how it affects your body and/or how you as a nutrition professional may like to own/operate your own small business.
-Ability to be a part of any opportunities of interest, festivals, events…the list is endless.
-Opportunity to attend nutrition classes, workshops and of course, whats better than fresh juice?!

Looking for an intern to work with us an estimated 8-12 hours per week, schedule is flexible.

About Us
A small juice/nutrition company specializing in fresh, locally sourced, organic juices/juice cleanses and nutrition classes. We share a community kitchen space and value connecting with our community through offering education opportunities, food sourcing through small Oregon farms and participating in other community events.

Send resume and contact info to

Thursday! No Juice This Week.

Thursday is here however due to unforseen circumstances our kitchen is undergoing a Fall Deep Clean and is closed for the week. There will be no juice making this week however I’ll resume as scheduled making juice on Thursdays through the Fall/Winter, fresh juice available Thursday/Friday 11-7pm.

And of course if you are in need of a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins/minerals from fresh juice before next week, make an order. Fresh juice will be made this Sunday by order only.

Thanks for Understanding!


Support Oregon Grown Produce for Kids

Tell our legislators to support HB 2800, A wonderful opportunity to support local farmers, create jobs, help out school lunch programs and bring healthier meals to children. 

About HB 2800:
This bill will create jobs by feeding Oregon kids Oregon food. Because
of the current budget crisis, the bill has been scaled back from its
original version by implementing a competitive grant process. This
will help establish a Farm to School/School Gardens framework that can
be expanded upon in better economic times. The investment from the
Economic Development Fund of the lottery will reimburse schools $.15
per school lunch in order to purchase Oregon products. It also
provides funds for school gardens and nutrition education.

HB 2800 is up for discussion this week in the Oregon Ways & Means Committee. If you have a moment contact the following (and make sure to thank them for supporting this bill in throughout the session):

Sen. David Nelson, Co-Chair Rep. Bruce L Hanna, Co-Chair Rep. Arnie Roblan, Co-Chair Rep. Nancy Nathanson, Co-Vice Chair Rep. Greg Smith, Co-Vice Chair Sen. Peter Courtney Sen. Richard Devlin

What to say (if you want assistance):
“Dear Representative/Senator __________,
I am calling/writing to ask for your support for HB 2800, the Farm to
School and School Garden legislation.
[Give your name, profession and where you live].
[Then, in your own words, give reasons this bill is good for Oregon:
• In times of economic crisis, more than ever we need
to be supporting our State’s agriculture and food producers
• HB 2800 will create jobs across the State,
particularly in rural areas, while also making sure our kids have
access to healthy and nutritious food
• The money for the program will come from the economic
development fund, which means lottery dollars will go directly to
putting rural Oregonians back to work]
Please make sure this bill continues to get discussed in legislature
this session. HB 2800 is vital to creating good jobs and ensuring
healthy opportunities for Oregon’s kids.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Market Day!

Ta Da! Pure Simple Juice’s premier at the Thursday NW Portland Farmer’s Market.
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Good News-Pure Simple Juice Nut/Seed Milks Coming Soon!

Pure Simple Juice is now making amazing plant-based milks. Our latest varieties include: almond/pumpkin seed/date and almond/hazelnut/honey. So where can you find them?

Opening this week Salt, Fire & Time Traditional Grocery & Classroom, Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm
1902 NW 24th Ave, Portland


Portland Farmers Market, starting June 2nd, Thursdays 3-7pm
NW 19th/Everett, Portland

So for those of you interested in an alternative to dairy for your health, ethical reasons or any other reason including because our milks just taste so good, come and enjoy!

PDX Swappers

I recently attended the second PDX food swap hosted by Sustainable Food for Thought and Abby’s Table. It was a lovely evening spent quickly wheeling and dealing trades for my own 8 delicious bottles of almond milk. After scoping out the goods and signing up for the items you wish for, it was a fast process and nearly all items were traded away within moments of the start.

My take-home bounty included:

challah bread
comfrey fennel salve
pickled sea vegetables
spicy collards
6-pack of Black Lab IPA
raw beet saurkraut
1 puff pastry
Raw vegetables with raw ranch dip

Amazing. If only I could do this every week, I’d be set and well fed.

Check out this link for info and future events:

Round Two–Weekday Cleansers Begin

Round two, freshly pressed, ready-to-go, box and all this time. Pure Simple Juice’s, second round of juice testers is beginning the weekday cleanse tomorrow. As for the weekend group, they are still fasting, a bit hungry but consensus is juices are really tasty. 

Some of you may be asking so why would you do such a thing to yourself? I certainly have my own reasons as the dietitian, founder and deliverer of the cleanse, for my answer you can check out the web site Instead I’ll share with you thoughts from those that I asked prior to the cleanse. These reasons included: Seeing what it’s like to go without eating, trying a fast because they’ve never done one before, athletic performance adjustments, personalizing the seasonal changes currently taking place, helping to relieve allergies both from the seasonal change as well as to gauge how their body reacts to certain foods after “clearing the palette” so to speak, longevity and lifestyle/eating habit changes for better health. 

All great and very different reasons to participate in an activity that is designed to challenge your everyday routine, as well as allow you to reflect and understand more concretely, how your body uses the sustenance we require. 

Business as Usual

An inspiring thought to me as the business owner whom just picked up her first round of  produce while strolling through the Portland Farmers Market this weekend. A complete change of pace for one whom has spent enough years now sitting in a basement office and/or cubicle behind a computer to really appreciate the difference.  I had pre-arranged some bulk purchases yet all other purchases I left to what looked delicious and ready to juice. And I was glad, as I was able to get a hold of some very sweet orange and purple carrots from Prairie Creek Farm and am super excited to share with everyone this weekend. The juice will be beautiful! And in fact, they said their business really got of the ground with juices back in 1960, so I’d imagine the carrot juice will be really good.

In full Portland-style I rode my bike as I am seeking out the sun as most of us are this time of year, well what little sun we had that day but that is besides the point, so I wore my large hiking backpack and loaded it up. Needless to say after riding home with 10 pounds of carrots, 8 bunches of parsley, kale and a dozen eggs carefully placed on top I was quite exhausted but it was worth it.

This is certainly something that I have had to remind myself of from time to time through the last few months as the nerves set in and the business launch date creeps closer. But it is worth it, as to me Pure Simple Juice is building upon my career but is also bringing me deeper into a community which I love and appreciate. Between meeting a few local farmers so far, setting up the shared kitchen space and learning from other local business owners, I’ve been out there in ways that I had not before which has been a challenge but at the same time, I can’t help but thinking if this is business as usual, then I like it.

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