Fall Flavors–For Wednesday

Now taking orders for Wednesday, October 19th pick-up. Fresh fall flavors include:
-carrot/apple/fennel/ginger, an immune booster with a warming touch
-celery/parsnip, a soothing green juice for Fall
-cinnamon almond milk, our traditional almond milk with a little extra touch of cinnamon

Our community kitchen is on the mend so juice production will be limited. Email me to ensure your fresh juice: hello@puresimplejuice.com

It’s Fall! Pure Simple Juice Cleanses & Classes

It is now officially Fall. As we move forward with the season, the weather changes, and the bustle of summer winds down, it is a time for introspection, cleansing and thought directed inward. As the farmers market comes to a close I’m excited to bring you a number of new Fall nutrition classes and workshops. All a little different in scope and experience but with an emphasis on you and how you can better respect and connect with your physical body and feel better.

Starting This Weekend!
The Self-Care Community Series. Learn how you can better take care of you. Dry-skin brushing, oil pulling, nutrition supplements, where to start? This class series focuses on de-mystifying self-care practice and leaves you knowing how to create your own personalized healthy routine. I wanted to bring you this class because personal I get confused on what should/could I be doing on a regular basis so I invited a few local and very knowledgable speakers to help me answer this question. ??Class I-Sunday, Oct. 2nd-Daily Detox with Louise Rose, Naturopath and owner of Rose Cabinet Medicine, ? 
Register to reserve your space at http://www.puresimplejuice.com/order.html

Pure Simple Juice Fall Cleanse
Take part in our 3-day juice fast. Five healing and highly nutritious fresh juices per day plus nutrition guidance for pre, throughout and post-cleanse. Everything you need for three days of simplicity, health and wellness. Juice cleanses available weekly for Pick-Up Thursdays & Sundays. Learn more at https://puresimplejuice.com/cleanse.html

Clean, Lean & Vital: 4-week Fall Cleanse
Are you ready to find out exactly how good you CAN feel? Join the group cleanse lead by Dr. Louise Rose at Rose Cabinet Medicine starting September 29th.

Upcoming Workshop!

Reservations & information at http://www.nataliakw.com/events/

Take part in these Opportunities for Health! Be Well!

Juice Mania!

Dear Pure Simple Juice-loving friends,

This is the second to the last week of the farmers market! I know you all will be a little sad and so will I. We will all certainly  miss the wonderful farm fresh produce and foods that have been at the market this summer. So on that note,  this week I will be bringing you the best of the summer cause why not? I mean you only get watermelons and plums for so long.

Recipes are not firm yet but get ready…

Carrot/Nectarine/Apple-This is the closest I’ve come to Orange Juice, in color and in nutrition content, full of Vitamin C and A and is absolutely divine.

Plum/Asian Pear/Blackberry-Who doesn’t love plum, pear, and blackberry, the finest fruits of summer all blended in to one.

WatermelonMint? WatermelonPeach? WatermelonMelon? Haven’t decided yet, Am taking suggestions. This will be a small batch because I only have a limited supply of melons but sure to be watermelonlishious.

pre-order your juices NOW as you all know some weeks they fly out of the coolers fast. If you have forgotten, Thursday, NW 19th/Everett, Portland Farmers Market 3-7pm.

First sip of Pure Simple Juice

Dear Friends, You can now enjoy your own glass of delicious Pure Simple Juice this Thursday. It’s an opening celebration special! Pre-order your juices for a one time only breakfast delivery (if you live in inner Portland….sorry friends from far away) or pick-up at Salt, Fire & Time Grocery, 1902 NW 24th Ave between 11-7pm for those of you that like your sleep.

This week’s juice is apple/strawberry/beet. Featuring the first of the season sweet organic strawberries and nutrition booster, the beet. Freshly made Almond milk is also available. Yum!

Celebrate the opening of Pure Simple Juice! Juices $5/16-ounce
Email me to pre-order for Thursday at dw@puresimplejuice.com


Pure Simple Juice for Sale!!

You can now purchase your very own Pure Simple Juice Cleanse!

First cleanse will begin Sunday, May 22nd. This will include all of the beverages, broth, and herbal tea you need to get through 72 hours of a liquid fast. And I will be having a one-hour introductory session with myself, the dietitian pre-cleanse to learn about the basics of fast, benefits and answer questions.

So sign yourself up and your friends!


Juice Day!

Yesterday marked day one in the Pure Simple Juice commercial kitchen. I prepared a total of 59 (small calculating error) bottles of juice for a few fine friends whom are participating in the first ever official Pure Simple Juice Cleanse. Their role is to do the cleanse which is of course an accomplishment for themselves but also to give Pure Simple Juice feedback to make the juices tastier and make the cleanse experience even better for all.

Everyone took home a nice 15-pack of juices which included: kale/apple/parsley/mint, spicy lemonade, apple/carrot/ginger and almond/pumpkin seed/date milk. All made from the finest of ingredients (mostly Oregon based!).

So whether or not they knew it, I am thankful for the following farms for supplying me with the fresh and delicious produce for the first official production day:

Abundant Harvest–Kale
Groundworks Oregon–Parsley
Prairie Creek Farm–Carrots
Kiyokawa Family Orchards–Apples, Lots and Lots of Apples
People’s Food Coop–Miscellaneous ingredients

So I’m hoping everyone is enjoying their first morning juice and I will have more to come from the juice cleansers soon….

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