Pure Simple Allergy Relief

Its that time of year again…and it is beautiful! But as Spring blooms around us for those with seasonal allergies it can be intolerable. Try one of our Pure Simple Juice seasonal blends for bit of relief (or just because you love our juice!).

Honey Almond Milk* (Almonds, Oregon Local Honey, Oregon Local Bee Pollen, Sea Salt, Water)

A lovely version of our signature almond milk with a touch of natural sweetness and full of allergy defense.

Pear Nettle Juice* (Pear, Apple, Nettles, Spinach, Lemon)

A light green juice to boost your defenses,  featuring Oregon-grown nettles, an herbal alternative to ease your symptoms and a bunch of Vitamin C to increase immunity.

*All ingredients are organic & sourced locally. There is little scientific evidence that nettles/local bee pollen/local honey prevent allergies but antidotally have been shown to help relieve symptoms. Why not give it a try?

photo credit to daniel childs, Portland Spring 2012

At last, Pure Simple Juice Delivers.

For those who just want to have a fresh bottle of juice handed to them when they arrive home from work or live on the East side of town and can’t seem to make it by our kitchen before 7pm, delivery is now available!

It’s simple, just select the “Juice Delivery” option prior to checking out and we’ll contact you to set-up a delivery window. The only catch, there must be a person present to receive your delivery. We will not leave your juice or cleanse on the doorstep for the squirrels to look after, sorry!

Cleanses will be delivered the evening before your cleanse start date and conveniently the 3-day cleanse will be delivered in one easy drop-off.

Are you ready for Spring?

Is your body ready for Spring?  Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse Coming This Weekend! Our Spring Cleanse features healing green elements including: parsley, dandelion greens, spinach and blue-green algae. 

Spring is the quintessential season for cleaning. As the Spring Equinox approaches, it is an important and inspiring time to do a cleansing fast. The days are getting lighter and longer, the flowers will begin to bloom and during this time we can all begin the process of renewal.

Naturally, as spring arrives our tendency is to begin to eat lighter. After a long winter of heavy foods, we start to prepare for the coming months of outward energy and activity by choosing more fresh raw foods. Our bodies internally begin this transition to spring by naturally releasing toxins and excess mucus, you can assist this process by doing a Spring cleanse.

What is a cleanse?
Simply put a cleanse is eliminating what you don’t want or need from your diet and following a very basic whole foods meal plan. Cleanses vary from removing inflammatory foods from your diet (such as dairy and wheat) to a complete fast; a true fast is not having anything to eat or drink at all with the exception of water.

So why a Pure Simple Juice cleanse?
It’s about providing you with an easy to follow, highly nutritious and supported cleanse experience. Juices are freshly made, organic and nutrient dense which allows your body to be flooded with excellent nutrition while at the same time they are easy to digest, giving your body and mind a much needed break.

Check out our new Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

This Week Seasonal Juices:
Almond Milk

Improve your health with fresh juice weekly! Purchase your March Juice Subscription now.

This Week’s Seasonal Blends

Green, Pink, White? Seasonal blends available Thursday, February 23/Friday 24

  • Apple/Kale/Ginger
  • Apple/Beet/Ginger/Cinnamon
  • Almond Milk

Ensure Availability, Pre-order Online

Salt, Fire & Time/Pure Simple Juice Kitchen, 1902 NW 24th Ave, 11-7pm.

Simply Delicious!

Passion for Juice

I was recently asked why I am so passionate about my work, and this was my response:“It’s the kid smacking their lips in enjoyment, the exclamation, ‘this green juice is incredible for me, I can just feel it’ or a simple ‘thank you, the cleanse was just what I needed to get back on track.’ These are the moments I relish the most, they tell me ‘good job’ but most importantly, they represent the positive healthy experience that I hope to bring to others. As a nutrition professional, I have been counseling and teaching classes for years with the intention to share my knowledge with others and bring more awareness for people on how food affects their own body. Pure Simple Juice began as my way of really imparting that experience.”
~Dulcinea, Pure Simple Juice Founder, Dietitian
This February, love your body and treat it well with a little Pure Nourishment.

$1 Off Seasonal Juice

Pre-order a bottle or more of the lovely winter favorite Apple/Beet/Ginger/Cinnamon juice and get $1 off each bottle (online prices include bottle deposit). Coupon Code: ILOVEBEETS, expiration 2/16/12.

$10 Off February Cleanse

Lighten up, renew, re-energize, try a Pure Simple Juice Cleanse. A simple way to step back and take care of you. Get $10 off your juice cleanse (cleanse must be purchased and utilized in February).
Coupon Code: PURECLEANSELOVE, expiration 2/29/12.

New Web site, New Juice, New Food Options!

New Site. Check out our new Pure Simple Juice web site, for a revamped shopping cart and easier access to order juices and juice cleanse programs.

Begin your February with fresh juice every week. Try a Pure Simple Juice subscription. Next time you open your fridge you’ll have your favorite bottle of Pure Simple Juice ready and waiting for you.

Juice Subscription Options:

  • Simply Juice: Two 16-ounce seasonal juices per week $68
  • Simple Green Juice: Two 16-ounce cleanse juices per week $84
  • Juice & Milk: 64-ounce seasonal juice, 64-ounce almond milk per week $195
  • Complete package: 64-ounce almond milk, two 16-ounce cleanse juices, two 16-ounce seasonal juices per week $240

All juice subscriptions will be for Thursday or Sunday pick-up at the kitchen. Prices above are for the entire month and include bottle deposits. Order Now or for a personalized juice subscription email us: hello@puresimplejuice.com

New Juice. It’s the time of year to bring on the citrus. Although not an Oregon-grown fruit California is pretty close and Pure Simple Juice was having the winter blues. So this week, we’ll have organic carrot/valencia orange, a delightful combination full of Vitamin C and sunshine.

New Food. By popular request you can also find our veggie miso broth at the kitchen.

Happy New Year of Juice…!

Green Juice, Juice Subscriptions, Yoga & Juice and More!

Pure Simple Juice is more excited then ever to re-open our kitchen and start juicing this Thursday, January 5th. I’d like to take a moment to say thanks to all for a wonderful first season and to those of you whom took a moment to take our customer feedback survey, I am very grateful. In response to your thoughts from the survey, Pure Simple Juice has taken some time for reflection, made some improvements and has some fun events happening in the New Year!

Winter CleanseStart your New Year off well with a Pure Simple Juice Winter Cleanse. Take a moment to honor your intentions. Our Winter cleanse includes (per day):

  • Carrot/apple/beet
  • Celery/kale/green apple/parsley/lime
  • Green lemonade featuring Klamath Lake immune-boosting blue-green algae and parsley
  • Celery/carrot/ginger
  • Classic almond milk
  • Veggie or bone broth
  • Herbal tea
  • Handouts and information on what to do pre-during and post-cleanse and support from our dietitian

More Green Juice!

We’ll now have our cleanse juices available for individual purchase. What does this mean? More GREEN and just VEGETABLE juices available weekly. New online menu coming soon.

Juice Subscriptions

Also in an effort to provide you with the best service and meet your needs and ours, Pure Simple Juice will be offering personalized juice subscriptions. You decide the juices you’d like and amounts, the pick-up day (Sunday or Thursday or Both!) and then commit to your order for one month. In return, Pure Simple juice will offer you a 10% discount and of course, juices made just for you each week. Email for current juice menu and to set-up your juice subscription: hello@puresimplejuice.com

Yoga & Juice

Join Sellwood Yoga and Pure Simple juice for a special January juice and yoga cleanse. The “Self Care Nourishment” information and yoga class meets on Thursday, 1/19 from 7:30-9:00pmSign-Up Now! 

2012 Juice Costs

It is our goal to give you fresh, organic and local juice and to provide you with at least 3-4 pounds (translate to 3-4 servings of fresh produce) per individual juice. Our 2012 retail juice costs are a reflection of this.

Individual 16-ounce bottles:

  • Almond Milk: $7
  • Weekly Seasonal Juice: $8
  • Cleanse Juice: $10

64 ounce, 1/2 Gallon bottles (=4 small bottles):

  • Almond Milk: $22
  • Weekly Seasonal Juice: $26

*above prices do not include bottle deposit

Art of Coffee/Bicycle Delivery!

Lately, we’ve continued to test and try many many recipe variations of nut milks to find the most perfect combination of creamy, smooth, foamy milk to meet any coffee lovers needs. Here we are at Courier Coffee Roasters, taste-testing.

Also as the winter weather sets in, Pure Simple Juice has expanded it’s reach for access to fresh Oregon/Washington produce. This week was our first farm fresh delivery via bike, thanks to Bline & Organically Grown Company. One truly inspiring Oregon cyclist!

December Juices….2 more weeks!!

Pure Simple Juice is winding down it’s first 6 months in business for a
little winter break. But before I go on vacation make sure you get your
juice. Apple/beet/cinnamon/ginger and Almond Milk available this week and

Pre-order juices for December 8th & 15th, hello@puresimplejuice.com
And don’t worry as the kitchen will be open come January with a few new
warming Winter 2012 juice blends!

For those of you who missed this, I’ll share a Pure Simple Juice Favorite:
Chai Almond Milk

I don’t tend to use exact recipes (except when I am making juice of
course!) so you will have to decide on your own proportions but this is
really delicious on a chilly winter’s day.

Brew Chai tea, your favorite variety
Add almond milk
Powdered Ginger
Garam Marsala
Additional Sweetener, as you like. Options include maple syrup, honey, agave
or sugar

Combine all ingredients to taste, heat slightly and enjoy. Someone once told
me this makes a lovely winter cocktail too…

Lastly, Register Now for this fun event, Divine Desserts this Friday at
People’s Coop! Learn how to prepare seasonal raw food desserts for the
holiday table from raw food chef Natalia. Don’t miss this as it’s sure to be
a night of delicious indulgence.

November Juices

This is the time of year your body needs raw juice the most. As the weather changes and our desire for warm, comfort foods sets in we tend to gravitate towards cooked foods vs. raw. And often times this change also brings about colds and other illness. So do yourself a favor and bring on the fresh juice!

Fresh Juice available at Salt, Fire & Time Kitchen–Thursdays in November 12-7pm (except Thanksgiving)

Seasonal Blends Include:

Carrot/Apple/Ginger-A Pure Simple Juice classic as it is just so good. Chocked full of healing nutrients to keep you healthy as the weather gets cold.

Apple/Kale/Mint-Refreshing, Sweet, and Green! An amazing way to get some green goodness in your life.

Pure Simple Juice Almond Milk-A delicious blend of almonds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, maple syrup, sea salt and cinnamon. Perfect cool or warmed up with a little extra cinnamon.

Honey Almond-Available by email order.

As always pre-order by emailing me at hello@puresimplejuice.com to ensure availability.

Be Well!

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