Purple Carrot Juice

Purple Carrot/Apple/Beet Juice!

Thanks Prairie Creek Farms for the incredible purple carrots! And thanks to our head veggie soux chef for this interesting fact about carrots we all learned at Pure Simple Juice this week.

Carrots have been consumed as a medicine, a spice, and a staple food for well over ten thousand years. Now here is where it gets interesting; initially cultivated on the Iranian Plateau, carrots came in a broad spectrum of colors: white, black, red, purple, yellow, and multi-hued. The modern orange carrot did not appear until orange mutant varietals appeared in mid-1700s Europe, at which point Dutch nationalists adopted the new carrot as a symbol to celebrate the victory of William I of Orange over Spain and newly-won Dutch independence. Who knew?

Stop by the Pure Simple Juice Kitchen/Salt, Fire & Time Wednesday-Friday 11-7pm and grab a bottle.


Fall Beauty.

Photo compliments of PranaMama

Berries, Beets & Juice

Berry Season, Bella Organics 2012

The Berries.

Berries, beets and juice, a few of my favorite things! This week was one of reflection and appreciation for the amazing produce and farmers in the Northwest. As berry season is in full swing I thought I’d take the opportunity to go berry picking and see the berry fields for myself. I headed out to Bella Organics on Sauvie Island and was greeted with row upon row of perfect berries. I was delighted to spend the afternoon harvesting berries and recognizing the hard work that goes into the process.

The Beets.

I then was greeted this morning at our kitchen with 50 pounds of beautiful gigantic beets from New Earth Farm. Beets like I’ve never seen before! So freshly pulled that I was also met by a small frog and a few slugs. This round of beets was extra special for Pure Simple Juice as they were grown using our own compost. Each week the produce seconds get swept away and carried out to the farm to be composted using the really awesome Bokashi composting process. Since we’ve been in business a year now this year’s beet crop was literally grown in part by us!

And the juice of course. This week we’ll be at the PSU Farmers Market 8:30-2pm with Blueberry Ginger Juice & Apple Kale Mint. Come enjoy with us!

New Earth Farm, Beets 2012

Get your Juice Fix

No need to be in the kitchen. We make fresh juice easy. Get your fresh  juice every week with a monthly subscription.

Sign up at the PSU Farmers Market for a weekly juice subscription and get $15 off the first month.
You choose: Seasonal juice or almond milk? How much? Then pick-up your pre-ordered juice at the market each week. Fresh just for you!

Seasonal Organic Juice Blends: Apple/Kale/Mint, Strawberry/Hibiscus/Lemon

Juice Cleanses
Maybe its time to balance your body and lighten up. Take a break from foods and try an all liquid diet for a few days. You don’t have to cook, clean or think about what to eat. Its simple. Pure Simple Juice Cleanses available weekly.

Last Call for Juice

Last call for juice before we take our own seasonal cleanse & retreat in honor of balance and the summer solstice. Thursday we will have our seasonal favorite, Apple/Kale/Ginger/Mint  to pre-order or pick-up at our kitchen 11-7pm. Place orders: hello@puresimplejuice.com for 1/2 gallon or individual 16-ounce bottles.

Just a reminder there will be no juice on Saturday June 23rd at PSU Market or Sunday June 24th.




This Week’s Seasonal Juice; Strawberry/Apple/Beet

Straight from the market local strawberries from Groundworks Organics this week. They are beautiful, sweet, full of Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. Put into a juice with apple and a little beet and they are purely amazing.

Find our Seasonal Juice at the Pure Simple Juice/Salt, Fire & Time Kitchen

(1902 NW 24th Ave, between Thurman & Vaughn)

11-7pm Th. and Fr.

Just a reminder no Farmers Market this Saturday. See you Soon!

Pure Simple Juice Summer News & Events

Summer is upon us; it is a time for new beginnings, a time to rise early with the sun and awaken your body and mind. Summer is also a natural time to lighten up after a winter of warm comfort foods. It’s time to visit your local farmers market and reintroduce Oregon-grown fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more juice!

PSU Farmers Market Saturday 8:30-2pm seasonal favorite: Apple/Kale/Mint

It’s also a great time to do a juice cleanse and this summer we are now offering a Pure Simple Juice Deep Green Cleanse. Featuring our new blend the “True Green” juice with cucumber, celery, spinach & lime. This cleanse is for veggie lovers and experienced cleansers who want to take their cleanse to a deeper level.

No more bottle deposits. We love our glass bottles and we love recycling but in an effort to keep the business side of things simple we are no longer requiring bottle deposits on our 16-ounce bottles. What does this mean? Well you buy the juice, bottle included of course and we will happily take any and all bottles you’d like to return.

Upcoming Events

Salt, Fire & Time-June 9th. The first backyard BBQ of the season. Join us in celebrating summer & Salt, Fire & Time’s Anniversary. Please come and enjoy a simple traditional foods meal, feel free to BYOB. 7pm.

Sellwood Yoga Cleanse—July 12th! Another round of cleanse plus yoga plus a Pure Simple Juice Cleanse basics Class. Contact info@sellwoodyoga.com or 503-575-9982 to sign up or for more information.

New  Burn & Earn Program with Portland Green Microgym. Now members can cash in on all those calories burned with a bottle of Pure Simple Juice. Rewards yourself in health!

Vacation Notice

Here at Pure Simple Juice we aim to help bring balance into your life & we also like to take care of ourselves too. We will be taking our own summer retreat & solstice cleanse this month.

No FARMERS MARKET Saturday, June 16th or Saturday, June 23rd

No JUICE Sunday June 24th. We will not be taking any cleanse or juice orders for this day. Thanks for understanding!

Where do you get your produce?

It’s time to celebrate the coming of the sunshine and summer months in the Northwest. And along with the good weather we can also enjoy an amazing bounty of fresh & local produce.













A friend from out of town was visiting this week and I took them for an afternoon of Pure Simple Juice business to the Wednesday farmers market. As I picked up my produce orders, my friend asked “do people know where you get your produce? This is really beautiful produce that you are juicing”.  My response, “good question”.

Prior to Pure Simple Juice, I was a regular market shopper, enjoying a slow wander through the stalls purchasing whichever fresh produce caught my attention and generally being in awe of the incredible variety you can find at the market. From the beginning, strengthening and expanding these connection with the many Oregon/Washington farmers was a founding principle of our company. Therefore it was a natural decision when beginning Pure Simple Juice to source locally as much as possible.

It’s been incredible to witness the very tangible difference that local and organic makes on the flavor and quality of our juices. There is nothing quite like receiving a giant box of beets or carrots that literally were pulled from the ground, washed and delivered on the day of juicing.  From the nutrition perspective the vibrancy of the colors, the brightest of green kale juice or deep purple of beets tells me just how rich the juices are in vitamins/minerals and powerful antioxidants. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t use the best produce I could find.

So where does your produce come from? This week your juices come from the following sources:

  •  Seasonal Juice
  • Prairie Creek Farms Purple Carrot/Apple/Ginger
  • Market Blends
  • Back again for one more delicious week…..
  • Spring Hill Farm Kale/Spring Hill Farm Mint/Apple
  • Groundworks Organics Strawberry/Groundworks Organics Rhubarb/Local Honey/Lime

 My gratitude goes to these Farms whom supplied us with the freshest of fresh produce to make the most delicious Pure Simple Juice. See you at the market! Dulcinea

Top 5 Reasons to drink Pure Simple Juice…

Why we all could use a little more Pure Simple Juice

* Living enzymes. Made fresh our juice has not been pasteurized therefore you benefit from all of the living enzymes that promote health and good digestion.
* Organic produce. No need to add more pesticides and chemicals into your body, we use all organic or grown-with organic practice ingredients.
* Support local farmers. As we got our start at the market much of our produce comes from farmers at the market & surrounding area to bring you the season’s best Oregon/Washington produce.
* You need more fruits & vegetables in your life. As most of us do! Each bottle of juice provides you literally pounds of fresh fruits & vegetables(estimated 3-4 servings of produce). So you get a huge load of antioxidant, vitamin & mineral goodness with every sip.
* It is amazingly delicious. Our juice is hand-pressed in small batches, I’ll just let the juice speak for itself.

This Week:

At the PSU Saturday Market (8:30-2): Apple/Kale/Mint, Honey Rhubarb & Almond Milk

At Our Kitchen (1902 NW 24th, 11-7pm): Apple/Kale/Ginger/Mint & Almond Milk

photo credit: Jennifer Murdock Photography

Kale, The New Beef?!

7 Reasons Why Kale is the New Beef.  A quick read and one of my favorite food articles, just in case you need a little extra nudge to get your greens, daily! This week get more greens with the Pure Simple Juice seasonal juice, Apple/Kale/Ginger/Mint.  Or in a Pure Simple Juice cleanse, providing you parsley, celery, spinach, cucumber, dandelion greens, fennel & mint. Load up on nutrients, flood your body with antioxidants and get rid of all you don’t want or need. Spring Special, $10 OFF your April Cleanse (valid now through April 30th).  Coupon Code: LOVEGREENS12

Or with my own Raw Kale Salad Recipe

1 bunch Kale greens (or any other hearty leafy green)
2 tablespoons Braggs Amino Acid
¼ cup nutritional yeast
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
¼ cup olive oil
4 garlic cloves (at least), minced

Wash kale and chop. Blend a paste of the olive oil and garlic. In a bowl, mix kale, amino acid, nutritional yeast, lemon juice and as much garlic paste as desired. Let sit for at least 15 minutes prior to eating (waiting longer makes the salad even more delicious). Refrigerate to store. Serves 4.

Be Well!

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