Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse

It’s official Spring is (nearly) here and the Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse has been launched!

Today was our first run of the Spring juices and we added a Cucumber/Red Apple/Dandelion Greens/ Fennel/ Mint/ Lemon to the cleanse. It’s AMAZING. Tastes like Spring. The refreshing and light flavors of cucumber, fennel and mint are highlighted by the cleansing elements of lemon and dandelion greens, altogether making a delightful combination. Also, dandelion greens just happen to be one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables, excellent for digestion and to reduce inflammation.

Happy Cleansing Spring 2012!


On the menu for Pure Simple Juice’s Real Food & Juice Cleanse Program this week:

Roasted root vegetables with quinoa and lemon dressing

Broccolini and red lentil dahl, toasted cashews

Celeriac mash with shiitake mushroom gravy

Thai coconut soup with lime, ginger and bean sprouts

Eggplant ‘meatballs’ with mango chutney and soba noodles

Pan-fried vegetable dumplings with sesame haricot verts

West African creamy yam soup

Chef Kimi’s creations are truly fantastic. This week’s menu features a variety of vegetarian fare. All meal plans are customized to meet your needs. Order your home-cooked meals and fresh juice now.  For your Health!

This Week! 3-Day Juice Cleanse, Yoga, Nutrition Class & Support!


And we Celebrated!

Pure Simple Juice Opening Celebration!!

Pure Simple Juice arrives at Market Q

Despite the rain and chilly weather Pure Simple Juice made it’s debut at Market Q this weekend. Market Q is a fabulous, yet small market located at the Q Center in NE Portland. As foot traffic is slower than Portland’s typical Saturday market, we got a chance to have a nice chat with each person that came by, such customer service. And although it was really cold, people were still really interested in Pure Simple Juice. I think it has something to with the fact they are so pretty looking and refreshing that they were one of the few reminders on a gray June day that summer may arrive eventually.

As a vendor we got to enjoy local strawberries, Hungry Heart’s cupcakes and warm coffee, all while dog watching.  It seemed that dog owners were the only ones up before 12 and all of course had to visit Retrieve Bakery for their tasty dog treats.

And the good news, Pure Simple Juice will be there again. Come and visit next Saturday, June 25th 9-2, 4115 NE Mississippi and maybe just maybe it will be a warm and sunny Saturday.

Awesome New Farmer’s Market-Market Q in N. Portland

Pure Simple Juice joins Market Q. We’ll have our very tasty juices and nut milks at the market starting June 11th. Come and visit but before then visit the market because it starts tomorrow–Saturday, May 7th!

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