At last, Pure Simple Juice Delivers.

For those who just want to have a fresh bottle of juice handed to them when they arrive home from work or live on the East side of town and can’t seem to make it by our kitchen before 7pm, delivery is now available!

It’s simple, just select the “Juice Delivery” option prior to checking out and we’ll contact you to set-up a delivery window. The only catch, there must be a person present to receive your delivery. We will not leave your juice or cleanse on the doorstep for the squirrels to look after, sorry!

Cleanses will be delivered the evening before your cleanse start date and conveniently the 3-day cleanse will be delivered in one easy drop-off.

Real Food.

Real food for you! Chef Kimi Reid is incredible in the kitchen, her menus are truly awesome & she makes our kitchen smell delightful too.
On the table this week: 
– Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Preserved Lemon
– Herb and Pistachio Falafel, Cucumber and Red Onion salad,
-Pasta Primavera: Asparagus, peas, watercress, truffle
-Vegetable Sushi, brown rice, tamari-tahini
Pure Simple Juice/Food Program, juice during the day and enjoy a warm meal in the evening. Simple.

Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse

It’s official Spring is (nearly) here and the Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse has been launched!

Today was our first run of the Spring juices and we added a Cucumber/Red Apple/Dandelion Greens/ Fennel/ Mint/ Lemon to the cleanse. It’s AMAZING. Tastes like Spring. The refreshing and light flavors of cucumber, fennel and mint are highlighted by the cleansing elements of lemon and dandelion greens, altogether making a delightful combination. Also, dandelion greens just happen to be one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables, excellent for digestion and to reduce inflammation.

Happy Cleansing Spring 2012!


On the menu for Pure Simple Juice’s Real Food & Juice Cleanse Program this week:

Roasted root vegetables with quinoa and lemon dressing

Broccolini and red lentil dahl, toasted cashews

Celeriac mash with shiitake mushroom gravy

Thai coconut soup with lime, ginger and bean sprouts

Eggplant ‘meatballs’ with mango chutney and soba noodles

Pan-fried vegetable dumplings with sesame haricot verts

West African creamy yam soup

Chef Kimi’s creations are truly fantastic. This week’s menu features a variety of vegetarian fare. All meal plans are customized to meet your needs. Order your home-cooked meals and fresh juice now.  For your Health!

Are you ready for Spring?

Is your body ready for Spring?  Pure Simple Juice Spring Cleanse Coming This Weekend! Our Spring Cleanse features healing green elements including: parsley, dandelion greens, spinach and blue-green algae. 

Spring is the quintessential season for cleaning. As the Spring Equinox approaches, it is an important and inspiring time to do a cleansing fast. The days are getting lighter and longer, the flowers will begin to bloom and during this time we can all begin the process of renewal.

Naturally, as spring arrives our tendency is to begin to eat lighter. After a long winter of heavy foods, we start to prepare for the coming months of outward energy and activity by choosing more fresh raw foods. Our bodies internally begin this transition to spring by naturally releasing toxins and excess mucus, you can assist this process by doing a Spring cleanse.

What is a cleanse?
Simply put a cleanse is eliminating what you don’t want or need from your diet and following a very basic whole foods meal plan. Cleanses vary from removing inflammatory foods from your diet (such as dairy and wheat) to a complete fast; a true fast is not having anything to eat or drink at all with the exception of water.

So why a Pure Simple Juice cleanse?
It’s about providing you with an easy to follow, highly nutritious and supported cleanse experience. Juices are freshly made, organic and nutrient dense which allows your body to be flooded with excellent nutrition while at the same time they are easy to digest, giving your body and mind a much needed break.

Check out our new Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

This Week Seasonal Juices:
Almond Milk

Improve your health with fresh juice weekly! Purchase your March Juice Subscription now.

Now you can have fresh juice & dinner too!

Fresh Food + Fresh Juice = Pure Nourishment

Pure Simple Juice has had the pleasure of partnering with Chef Kimi Reid this past month to create a new Pure Simple Juice & Food program.

The package includes three, 16-ounce fresh fruit and vegetable juices per day plus one healthy balanced meal. We bring good nutrition to you! You drink the Pure Simple Juice throughout the day as you like and top it off with a delicious home-cooked meal. It’s a simple meal plan.

$375, 5-day Juice & Dinner, longer programs available, just ask!

We take your nutrition goals; weight loss, get healthier, elimination of inflammatory foods, whatever it is you are working on, and create a custom menu to meet your needs.

Chef Kimi has a wide range of culinary expertise drawing from her many experiences travelling and cooking around the world. With an emphasis on cooking real food, with real ingredients, recent meals have been inspired by Portland’s own seasonal produce. Her goal is to provide her clients with the highest level of edible delights, in a fun and enjoyable manner and the menus created by Chef Kimi are a true reflection of this.

5-Day Sample Menu January 2012*

Crispy tofu Cutlets, Spanikopita potatoes, Minty Peas, roasted garlic coulis

Pan-seared Halibut with apple chutney, Brussel Sprouts, Couscous Almondine

Flank steak Sates with Coconut-Peanut sauce, Black Rice, Haricot Verts

Smoky Pumpkin Chili with Kale

Roasted Celery Root and Lentils with hazelnuts and mint

*Please note, all menus are customized and can be made vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free or with any other dietary restrictions you request. All meals are made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced locally and organic, whenever possible .


New Web site, New Juice, New Food Options!

New Site. Check out our new Pure Simple Juice web site, for a revamped shopping cart and easier access to order juices and juice cleanse programs.

Begin your February with fresh juice every week. Try a Pure Simple Juice subscription. Next time you open your fridge you’ll have your favorite bottle of Pure Simple Juice ready and waiting for you.

Juice Subscription Options:

  • Simply Juice: Two 16-ounce seasonal juices per week $68
  • Simple Green Juice: Two 16-ounce cleanse juices per week $84
  • Juice & Milk: 64-ounce seasonal juice, 64-ounce almond milk per week $195
  • Complete package: 64-ounce almond milk, two 16-ounce cleanse juices, two 16-ounce seasonal juices per week $240

All juice subscriptions will be for Thursday or Sunday pick-up at the kitchen. Prices above are for the entire month and include bottle deposits. Order Now or for a personalized juice subscription email us:

New Juice. It’s the time of year to bring on the citrus. Although not an Oregon-grown fruit California is pretty close and Pure Simple Juice was having the winter blues. So this week, we’ll have organic carrot/valencia orange, a delightful combination full of Vitamin C and sunshine.

New Food. By popular request you can also find our veggie miso broth at the kitchen.

This Week! 3-Day Juice Cleanse, Yoga, Nutrition Class & Support!


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