Gravitas Yoga & Juice Cleanse

Pure Simple Juice is getting excited to offer our first yoga/juice cleanse experience with Gravitas Yoga on Thursday, September 27th. Check out their studio for awesome antigravity yoga classes, infrared hot yoga classes and infrared sauna. All great ways to get your body moving and sweating to help get the toxins out while doing a cleanse.

For more info on the program contact Gravitas Yoga,  phone: 503-281-0046    email:

We will not be taking additional orders for cleanses on Thursday, September 27th, Thanks for Understanding!


Sellwood Yoga + Juice Cleanse

Join Pure Simple Juice & Sellwood Yoga for 3 days of juice cleanse plus unlimited yoga

The “Self Care Nourishment” information class meets on Thursday, September 20th from 7:30-8:15pm. The 3 day cleanse goes from Friday-Sunday (9/21-23). The yoga pass is valid for an unlimited number of classes at Sellwood Yoga from Friday, 9/21 – Sunday, 9/23.

Total Package $210 includes:
*15 (16 ounce organic, freshly made beverages including juices, vegetarian broths, kombucha, tea.)
*1 Information Class that covers the protocol of the cleanse, handouts, & tips.
*Support during the cleanse from Dulcinea, registered dietician as well as a follow up 30 minute consultation.
*Unlimited 3 day yoga pass at Sellwood Yoga (9/21-9/23).

Sign-Up at Sellwood Yoga, 503-575,9982

#2 Gut Killer-Gluten

Mass-produced breads and snack foods often contain genetically-modified grains that have not been allowed to germinate in their natural patterns. Instead they are comprised of larger size proteins (meaning hard to digest) and contain components which are altered to attack the gut of any bugs that may harvest on the grain. In turn as we consume more bread/wheat long-term we too get affected. Traditional practices of soaking, fermenting and sprouting grains help neutralize the effect of gluten, making it far more digestible however most of us don’t have the time or energy to fit this into our busy lives.

It is known now that an estimated 1 in 133 Americans have Celiac Disease (most of these people have no idea). Celiac is a condition in which people experience a destructive, inflammatory autoimmune response in their small intestine after eating gluten.

Additionally, around 18 million people have gluten intolerance or sensitivity in the USA. While Celiac disease causes significant damage to the intestine, gluten intolerance can cause wide-range inflammation which is often manifested more subtly in chronic conditions such as heart disease, migraines, infertility, depression/anxiety and ADHD just to mention a few.

 How do you know if you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity?

 One way to find out is to do an elimination diet. You need to get out all the top allergens (soy, corn, gluten/wheat, dairy and peanuts) and follow a simple diet for minimum one week. This is great time to incorporate a Pure Simple Juice Cleanse as then you don’t have to worry about what to eat or not, you just drink juices and let your body rest. Following the elimination you then slowly reintroduce foods one at a time and monitor for any symptoms of intolerance/sensitivity (rash, indigestion, gas, acne, stuffy nose and the list goes on). It is helpful to work with a Naturopath, Dietitian or other licensed practitioner to assist with the process (check out our ‘additional healing therapy section’ for local recommendations & if your cleansing I’ll be happy to answer your questions/concerns).


New! Foxfire Teas for the Cleanse

Our latest addition to the Pure Simple Juice Cleanse.

Lovely relaxing organic herbal tea brought to you by Foxfire Teas here in Portland.

Get your Juice Fix

No need to be in the kitchen. We make fresh juice easy. Get your fresh  juice every week with a monthly subscription.

Sign up at the PSU Farmers Market for a weekly juice subscription and get $15 off the first month.
You choose: Seasonal juice or almond milk? How much? Then pick-up your pre-ordered juice at the market each week. Fresh just for you!

Seasonal Organic Juice Blends: Apple/Kale/Mint, Strawberry/Hibiscus/Lemon

Juice Cleanses
Maybe its time to balance your body and lighten up. Take a break from foods and try an all liquid diet for a few days. You don’t have to cook, clean or think about what to eat. Its simple. Pure Simple Juice Cleanses available weekly.

Pure Simple Juice Summer News & Events

Summer is upon us; it is a time for new beginnings, a time to rise early with the sun and awaken your body and mind. Summer is also a natural time to lighten up after a winter of warm comfort foods. It’s time to visit your local farmers market and reintroduce Oregon-grown fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more juice!

PSU Farmers Market Saturday 8:30-2pm seasonal favorite: Apple/Kale/Mint

It’s also a great time to do a juice cleanse and this summer we are now offering a Pure Simple Juice Deep Green Cleanse. Featuring our new blend the “True Green” juice with cucumber, celery, spinach & lime. This cleanse is for veggie lovers and experienced cleansers who want to take their cleanse to a deeper level.

No more bottle deposits. We love our glass bottles and we love recycling but in an effort to keep the business side of things simple we are no longer requiring bottle deposits on our 16-ounce bottles. What does this mean? Well you buy the juice, bottle included of course and we will happily take any and all bottles you’d like to return.

Upcoming Events

Salt, Fire & Time-June 9th. The first backyard BBQ of the season. Join us in celebrating summer & Salt, Fire & Time’s Anniversary. Please come and enjoy a simple traditional foods meal, feel free to BYOB. 7pm.

Sellwood Yoga Cleanse—July 12th! Another round of cleanse plus yoga plus a Pure Simple Juice Cleanse basics Class. Contact or 503-575-9982 to sign up or for more information.

New  Burn & Earn Program with Portland Green Microgym. Now members can cash in on all those calories burned with a bottle of Pure Simple Juice. Rewards yourself in health!

Vacation Notice

Here at Pure Simple Juice we aim to help bring balance into your life & we also like to take care of ourselves too. We will be taking our own summer retreat & solstice cleanse this month.

No FARMERS MARKET Saturday, June 16th or Saturday, June 23rd

No JUICE Sunday June 24th. We will not be taking any cleanse or juice orders for this day. Thanks for understanding!

Upcoming Juice Cleanse, Nutrition Class & Yoga

Kale, The New Beef?!

7 Reasons Why Kale is the New Beef.  A quick read and one of my favorite food articles, just in case you need a little extra nudge to get your greens, daily! This week get more greens with the Pure Simple Juice seasonal juice, Apple/Kale/Ginger/Mint.  Or in a Pure Simple Juice cleanse, providing you parsley, celery, spinach, cucumber, dandelion greens, fennel & mint. Load up on nutrients, flood your body with antioxidants and get rid of all you don’t want or need. Spring Special, $10 OFF your April Cleanse (valid now through April 30th).  Coupon Code: LOVEGREENS12

Or with my own Raw Kale Salad Recipe

1 bunch Kale greens (or any other hearty leafy green)
2 tablespoons Braggs Amino Acid
¼ cup nutritional yeast
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
¼ cup olive oil
4 garlic cloves (at least), minced

Wash kale and chop. Blend a paste of the olive oil and garlic. In a bowl, mix kale, amino acid, nutritional yeast, lemon juice and as much garlic paste as desired. Let sit for at least 15 minutes prior to eating (waiting longer makes the salad even more delicious). Refrigerate to store. Serves 4.

Be Well!

What’s for dinner at your house?

Don’t feel like cooking? Chef Kimi does, she’s outstanding! 

Here is what our Pure Simple Juice Food & Juicers will be getting today:

Quinoa Cakes with roasted peppers and sautéed greens

Asparagus and Watercress soup with basil yogurt

Biryani Rice Salad with Saffron, Apricots, Pistachios, Almonds and Coconut

Spring Vegetable Lasagna


More info? Email us at All Juice/Food Programs are customized to meet your needs.

5 Foods to Avoid Before A Cleanse

Nutrition from the DietitianI was recently discussing the basics of a cleanse and was asked about the length of the cleanse being 3-or 5 days and if that was enough time for one to “really cleanse”. My answer, our bodies are constantly filtering, detoxifying and metabolizing so although you know it or not, your body is always cleansing. By following a very simple whole foods diet, drinking only fresh juices as part of juice cleanse or water fasting, all cleansing practices, you can minimize the load you put on your body and allow it time and energy to heal.

On that note, although the Pure Simple Juice Cleanse is typically 3-or 5 days of just juice, my recommendation is to cleanse to juice and then slowly reintroduce foods. Making the average length of a cleanse at least one week.

5 Foods to AVOID (limit) before & after a cleanse

1. Sugar. There is no “good” or “okay” amount of refined sugar in your diet, many people would classify sugar as a dietary toxin. Despite the loose guidelines given by the USDA, refined sugar can lead to excess weight gain, blood sugar swings, increased insulin output and in some cases diets high in sugar have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Bottom line, leave it out. Instead choose naturally sweet foods such as fresh fruit, dried fruit and/or raw juice. Healthiest sweeteners: date sugar (made from dried dates) and blackstrap molasses.

2. Alcohol. A definite toxin and cause of dehydration it’s best to take it easy with alcohol going into the cleanse, especially avoiding alcohol the evening before the cleanse.

3. Wheat. Increasingly more and more people are developing wheat allergies and intolerances. This highly inflammatory grain is often the root of some digestive issues and is a common allergen. This means avoid most all processed food products, bread, pasta and cereals.

4. Dairy. Also a common allergen and food that often people develop intolerances to later in life, dairy is best to reduce and limit before and after the cleanse.

5. Caffeine. Much beloved in Portland, caffeine is okay and even proven to be beneficial in small doses. It’s the giant latte’s full of cream and sugar and double/triple shots of espresso that can cross the line.  Pre-cleanse it’s best to reduce your caffeine intake and ideally take a little break while cleansing. Alternatives include tea and Dandy Blend or Teeccino, both coffee alternatives.

Ready for a cleanse? Pure Simple Juice Cleanses available for pick-up or delivery every Thursday & Sunday!

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