Business as Usual

An inspiring thought to me as the business owner whom just picked up her first round of  produce while strolling through the Portland Farmers Market this weekend. A complete change of pace for one whom has spent enough years now sitting in a basement office and/or cubicle behind a computer to really appreciate the difference.  I had pre-arranged some bulk purchases yet all other purchases I left to what looked delicious and ready to juice. And I was glad, as I was able to get a hold of some very sweet orange and purple carrots from Prairie Creek Farm and am super excited to share with everyone this weekend. The juice will be beautiful! And in fact, they said their business really got of the ground with juices back in 1960, so I’d imagine the carrot juice will be really good.

In full Portland-style I rode my bike as I am seeking out the sun as most of us are this time of year, well what little sun we had that day but that is besides the point, so I wore my large hiking backpack and loaded it up. Needless to say after riding home with 10 pounds of carrots, 8 bunches of parsley, kale and a dozen eggs carefully placed on top I was quite exhausted but it was worth it.

This is certainly something that I have had to remind myself of from time to time through the last few months as the nerves set in and the business launch date creeps closer. But it is worth it, as to me Pure Simple Juice is building upon my career but is also bringing me deeper into a community which I love and appreciate. Between meeting a few local farmers so far, setting up the shared kitchen space and learning from other local business owners, I’ve been out there in ways that I had not before which has been a challenge but at the same time, I can’t help but thinking if this is business as usual, then I like it.

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