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May / 24

First sip of Pure Simple Juice

Dear Friends, You can now enjoy your own glass of delicious Pure Simple Juice this Thursday. It’s an opening celebration special! Pre-order your juices for a one time only breakfast delivery (if you live in inner Portland….sorry friends from far away) or pick-up at Salt, Fire & Time Grocery, 1902 NW 24th Ave between 11-7pm for those of you that like your sleep.

This week’s juice is apple/strawberry/beet. Featuring the first of the season sweet organic strawberries and nutrition booster, the beet. Freshly made Almond milk is also available. Yum!

Celebrate the opening of Pure Simple Juice! Juices $5/16-ounce
Email me to pre-order for Thursday at


May / 14

Good News-Pure Simple Juice Nut/Seed Milks Coming Soon!

Pure Simple Juice is now making amazing plant-based milks. Our latest varieties include: almond/pumpkin seed/date and almond/hazelnut/honey. So where can you find them?

Opening this week Salt, Fire & Time Traditional Grocery & Classroom, Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm
1902 NW 24th Ave, Portland


Portland Farmers Market, starting June 2nd, Thursdays 3-7pm
NW 19th/Everett, Portland

So for those of you interested in an alternative to dairy for your health, ethical reasons or any other reason including because our milks just taste so good, come and enjoy!

May / 9

PDX Swappers

I recently attended the second PDX food swap hosted by Sustainable Food for Thought and Abby’s Table. It was a lovely evening spent quickly wheeling and dealing trades for my own 8 delicious bottles of almond milk. After scoping out the goods and signing up for the items you wish for, it was a fast process and nearly all items were traded away within moments of the start.

My take-home bounty included:

challah bread
comfrey fennel salve
pickled sea vegetables
spicy collards
6-pack of Black Lab IPA
raw beet saurkraut
1 puff pastry
Raw vegetables with raw ranch dip

Amazing. If only I could do this every week, I’d be set and well fed.

Check out this link for info and future events:

May / 6

Awesome New Farmer’s Market-Market Q in N. Portland

Pure Simple Juice joins Market Q. We’ll have our very tasty juices and nut milks at the market starting June 11th. Come and visit but before then visit the market because it starts tomorrow–Saturday, May 7th!

May / 4

Pure Simple Juice for Sale!!

You can now purchase your very own Pure Simple Juice Cleanse!

First cleanse will begin Sunday, May 22nd. This will include all of the beverages, broth, and herbal tea you need to get through 72 hours of a liquid fast. And I will be having a one-hour introductory session with myself, the dietitian pre-cleanse to learn about the basics of fast, benefits and answer questions.

So sign yourself up and your friends!