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Jun / 23

We made it in the blog

Pure Simple Juice receives a lovely shout out in the Portland Farmers Market Blog today!

All in the Name

Purely Delicious
By Laura Harrison
It seems that no matter how many times I go to the farmers market, I continue to be amazed by the diversity of vendors. The local company Pure Simple Juice, a new addition to theNorthwest Market, is no exception as they offer a product different from anything I’ve seen this season. After visiting with the owners of the company last week, and trying their creations, I was pleasantly surprised by just how good a natural, nutrient-dense juice could taste. The experience has definitely motivated me to consider juicing myself, though I don’t know that I could replicate their perfectly concocted and delicious flavor combinations.
It was not only the tasty drinks that make me want to try juicing though. After speaking with one of the owners, registered dietician Dulcinea Ward, I learned about the health benefits of juicing raw products. She explained to me that there are 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables in one 16-ounce bottle of Pure Simple Juice, making the juices a great way to quickly consume lots of nutrients. After sampling the juice, I found it refreshing (and guilt reducing) to hear that something that tasted that delicious was also extremely good for me.
What I also realized about Pure Simple Juice was that the name makes for the best descriptor of the concept. The juices really are pure and simple. Dulcinea and her partner Daniel Childs utilize the best products straight from farmers, mix them in just the right quantities to create delicious flavors, and add very little else. The names of the juices are also pure and simple, since they are literally the names of the ingredients. When you pick up apple/strawberry/beet, there are no questions to be asked about what is in the juice.
Simply Adorable
Dulcinea explained to me the importance of being present at the market. As a new company, she finds it helpful to explain the concept to customers, and to talk to farmers about their products and find inspiration from seasonal produce. It’s only fitting that Pure Simple Juice is a market vendor, as the juices are a good way to showcase the best of the season. Duclinea and Daniel also mentioned that they are working on new methods of utilizing their produce scraps. I look forward to seeing what these two come up with (I heard something about fruit leathers and apple cider vinegar), because if the juices are any indication of their ideas, everything else will be equally as tasty.
Another unique aspect of Pure Simple Juice is that the company offers classes about juice cleanses as well as a service that provides everything necessary for a healthy and detoxifying cleanse. Even though I always knew the health benefits of juice cleanses, my love for solid food previously prevented me from trying one. Now with Pure Simple Juice around, it seems like it could be a much easier time.
For more information on Pure Simple Juice visit their booth at the  Northwest Market located at NW 19th Ave and NW Everett Street, Thursdays from 3pm – 7pm or

Jun / 19

Pure Simple Juice arrives at Market Q

Despite the rain and chilly weather Pure Simple Juice made it’s debut at Market Q this weekend. Market Q is a fabulous, yet small market located at the Q Center in NE Portland. As foot traffic is slower than Portland’s typical Saturday market, we got a chance to have a nice chat with each person that came by, such customer service. And although it was really cold, people were still really interested in Pure Simple Juice. I think it has something to with the fact they are so pretty looking and refreshing that they were one of the few reminders on a gray June day that summer may arrive eventually.

As a vendor we got to enjoy local strawberries, Hungry Heart’s cupcakes and warm coffee, all while dog watching.  It seemed that dog owners were the only ones up before 12 and all of course had to visit Retrieve Bakery for their tasty dog treats.

And the good news, Pure Simple Juice will be there again. Come and visit next Saturday, June 25th 9-2, 4115 NE Mississippi and maybe just maybe it will be a warm and sunny Saturday.

Jun / 9

Market Day! 2!

Its sunny and warm in Portland and Pure Simple Juice is off to the Market. Veggie-Centered juices this week include Cucumber/Apple/Mint and Carrot Plus (you just have to stop by to see what the plus is all about).

Portland Farmer’s Market, NW 19th/Everett, 3-7pm

Jun / 8

Support Oregon Grown Produce for Kids

Tell our legislators to support HB 2800, A wonderful opportunity to support local farmers, create jobs, help out school lunch programs and bring healthier meals to children. 

About HB 2800:
This bill will create jobs by feeding Oregon kids Oregon food. Because
of the current budget crisis, the bill has been scaled back from its
original version by implementing a competitive grant process. This
will help establish a Farm to School/School Gardens framework that can
be expanded upon in better economic times. The investment from the
Economic Development Fund of the lottery will reimburse schools $.15
per school lunch in order to purchase Oregon products. It also
provides funds for school gardens and nutrition education.

HB 2800 is up for discussion this week in the Oregon Ways & Means Committee. If you have a moment contact the following (and make sure to thank them for supporting this bill in throughout the session):

Sen. David Nelson, Co-Chair Rep. Bruce L Hanna, Co-Chair Rep. Arnie Roblan, Co-Chair Rep. Nancy Nathanson, Co-Vice Chair Rep. Greg Smith, Co-Vice Chair Sen. Peter Courtney Sen. Richard Devlin

What to say (if you want assistance):
“Dear Representative/Senator __________,
I am calling/writing to ask for your support for HB 2800, the Farm to
School and School Garden legislation.
[Give your name, profession and where you live].
[Then, in your own words, give reasons this bill is good for Oregon:
• In times of economic crisis, more than ever we need
to be supporting our State’s agriculture and food producers
• HB 2800 will create jobs across the State,
particularly in rural areas, while also making sure our kids have
access to healthy and nutritious food
• The money for the program will come from the economic
development fund, which means lottery dollars will go directly to
putting rural Oregonians back to work]
Please make sure this bill continues to get discussed in legislature
this session. HB 2800 is vital to creating good jobs and ensuring
healthy opportunities for Oregon’s kids.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jun / 3

Market Day!

Ta Da! Pure Simple Juice’s premier at the Thursday NW Portland Farmer’s Market.
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