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Aug / 1

Pure Simple Juice This Week

Summer Cleanse 2011 – Beautiful!


Join us this SUNDAY, AUGUST 7th for our introduction to cleanse class/cleanse box pick-up, 4-5pm. So perhaps your thinking, why a juice cleanse? Well there are many reasons which you can learn more about at the class but in brief, a cleanse is a great way to find balance, rest your digestive organs and take a minute to give some attention to your body and it’s nutrition needs. What you get, five bottles of detoxifying, refreshing juice per day for 3 whole days. In addition, broth, herbal tea and plenty of support and nutrition guidance from myself. And what better a time then during those hot summer days, really who wants to cook right now anyway? 
Sign-up now to reserve a spot:
JUICE BLENDS for August 4th

Summer is upon us and now is the time to get your fill of our very own Oregon-grown fresh fruit! Join us at the market this week for the amazing, Strapplepeach (strawberry, apple, peach, of course) or Pure Simple Juice’s new favorite Green Lemonade (Sour yellow apples, Sweet apples, Kale, Parsley, & Lemon).

Portland  Farmer’s Market NW 19th & Everett, 3-7pm Thursday. Worried about missing out? Email me in advance to pre-order, then ensure you will have a nice cold bottle waiting for you at the market!

Jul / 26

Where can you find amazing, fresh, local juice?

As Pure Simple Juice rolls along with summer and it’s community of loyal and new customers and friends steadily grows, I realize that it may not quite be clear the various ways in which you can incorporate Pure Simple Juice into your life.
So how can you get your hands on Pure Simple Juice?
1) Portland Farmers Market-Pioneer Square, most Mondays from 10-2pm.
2) Portland Farmers Market-NW 19th & Everett, every Thursday from 3-7pm.
3) Market Q. This weekend at Market Q: FREE brunch from 10:00am-1:00pm….We will be preparing, serving, and showcasing our lovely vendors (including Pure Simple Juice) in the south room of Q Center during regular market hours. Come eat some tasty treats with us, listen to some great local musicians and support your local LGBTA farmer’s market!

4) Salt, Fire & Time Grocery/Kitchen. NW 24th Ave, between Thurman & Vaughn, Tuesday-Friday 11-7pm. So for those of you craving a bottle of juice right NOW there are apple/kale/ginger/mint and blueberry/apple/beet bottles in stock!

And if you have not discovered Salt, Fire & Time yet, you should. This is a lovely small grocery with traditional healing foods such as bone broth, kombucha, local eggs, meat, dairy and other amazingly nutritious and delicious fermented salads and treats. They also offer a community feast on Friday nights during the summer. Check out the web site:
5) Order it! I take special orders and by special, Pure Simple juice will make juices just for you. And for you, I mean for yourself, your friends, a special brunch or an office party. Here is how you do it, I juice on Thursdays and most Sundays, so at least 2 days in advance, send me an email at or call 503-987-0451 with your request. For larger orders or your own special unique blend please let me know earlier than 2 days. It’s that simple.
6) Try a juice cleanse. This way you get 5, yes 5 bottles of nutritious juice per day for 3 whole days. Your body will love you. Next introduction to cleanse class and cleanse is Sunday, August 7th. Sign-up now to reserve a spot:

There you have it. Currently 6 different ways to find Pure Simple Juice.

Jul / 19

Pure Simple Juice Markets & Events July 21-24

Pure Simple Juice Markets & Events July 21-24

This is a busy week for Pure Simple Juice, you can find us at a few different markets and events on Sunday. Read on for details….

Pure Simple Juice attended the Pioneer Square Market this past Monday and will be there ongoing from 10-2pm. Nothing better than a glass of tasty juice to go with your lunch and music in the square. This Thursday, we will be where we always are, NW 19th/Everett from 3-7pm and then special on Sunday, Market Q in NE Portland, 4115 NE Mississippi from 9-2. Lots of juices to made and enjoyed!


Berry/Apple/Beet-Loaded with antioxidants this juice features local, organic blueberries straight from Minto Island Growers in Salem, Oregon. Blueberries are well known to promote health and longevity and are rated top on the list for the highest amount of antioxidants among fruit. What is an antioxidant, simply it’s the powerful plant chemical that helps your body prevent damage and promote repair. The bottom line, not only is this juice tasty but it’s been proven that blueberries can help protect your body from cancer, aging, infection and other disease.

Cucumber/Apple/Kale/Mint-A Pure Simple Juice favorite this summer, this refreshing green juice is not only delicious but is also loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants. Kale is a superfood filled with amazing nutrition…it’s loaded with vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and over 45 different types of antioxidants, good for anti-inflammation, cancer prevention and a healthy immune system boost. At minimum we should all be eating at least 2 servings of leafy greens per week, consider this taken care of with just one bottle of Pure Simple Juice!

Almond Milk-Bringing back the original this week. Not your average almond milk, we create this tasty beverage from almonds, dates, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, cinnamon and sea salt.

Pre-order Now for Pick-Up Thursday at Portland Farmers Market NW 19th/Everett 3-7pm or Saturday Pick-up at Market Q, 9-2 4115 Mississippi Ave.


This Sunday, July 24th join us from 4-5pm for our introduction to a cleanse class and then take home your 3-day cleanse box to get started on your first Pure Simple Juice Cleanse. A cleanse can help provide balance to your body, detoxify your system and keep you feeling good!

For more information and to sign-up:


Also this Sunday, July 24th, Pure Simple Juice will be at Rose Cabinet Medicine at 6pm. Enjoy a lovely dinner and nutrition discussion brought to you by Dr. Louise Rose ND.
Dr. Rose brings 25 years of experience as a whole foods chef and a passion to teach others that food is our first medicine.  Creating community around health and eating together is the goal of Club Supper at Rose Cabinet Medicine

Club Supper Details:  Bring a healthy dish to share with folks.  Include a list of ingredients as many of us have foods we’re steering clear of.  Bring drinks and a picnic blanket.  I will have plates, forks and cups.  While we eat, Ms Ward will talk about her juices, the cleanses she offers, and the benefits of whole foods nutrition.  If you are looking to get out of your rut, come join the neighborhood in learning some new healthy recipes!

ROSE CABINET MEDICINE, 6pm, Sunday July 24th
2135 NE 55TH AVE
Portland, OR 97213


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Jul / 12

100% Local & Organic!


This is an exciting week for Pure Simple Juice as we will be providing you 100% Local & 100% Organic Juices! So make sure you stop by the market and see us for your favorite amazingly fresh, local and organic juices.

This week's Juice blends 
Apple/Cherry/Cucumber-Yup, it’s that time of year, time for some incredible Oregon-grown fresh fruit. This week's cherries come from Abundant Harvest, a lovely local farm providing CSA shares in Portland & Hillsboro. Check them out: 

Apple/Kale/Mint/Ginger-A little variation on one of our favorites, the apple, kale, mint, ginger gives you a refreshing dose of the all nutritious leafy greens. 

And for one more week, Almond/Honey/Date/Bee Pollen- A simple, yet tasty blend, especially helpful for those with seasonal allergies. This week’s version of our almond milk features Bee Pollen straight from NE Portland and honey from the Portland metro area.

Pre-order your juices now for pick-up at the market or kitchen (Juicing happens Thursday mornings and will be available at 19th & Everett NW Portland 3-7pm)

NEW!! Portland Farmers Market-Pioneer Square Market Starting this week Pure Simple Juice will now be at the downtown Pioneer Square Market, Mondays, 10-2pm. So if you happen to be in the area around lunchtime, come and visit. Now you can get fresh juice Thursdays AND Mondays.

Jun / 29

The Juice News 03

Hello from Pure Simple Juice! 

On a few occasions recently some dear friends and supporters have said to me “you need to tell people about the nutritional benefit of your juices”. As a dietitian, I have kind of left the juices to speak for themselves in taste and then have enjoyed the fact (perhaps silently) that I am bringing some amazing nutrition into people’s diets. 

However, since we are now officially in the summer season and the weather is just about at a transition point, and many an allergy-ridden person is suffering the change, I think now is a good time to share a little about the health benefits of Pure Simple Juice.

Each blend is unique in it’s nutrition properties but one thing they all have in common is that I use the freshest and most local produce I can find. For example, I typically pick up produce from Groundworks Organics or Persephone Farms (both Portland Farmer’s Market vendors) on the day before I juice, all based on what is in season that week. Then I madly juice all Thursday morning before the market. That way, the time from when the produce was picked, juiced and reaches you is merely hours in the grand scheme of things and still contains the greatest amount of nutrients possible.

 More About This week’s Juice blends 

True Green: Cucumber, Spinach, Mint, Lime, Blue Green Algae. This juice is full of green power. It includes immune-boosting and healing nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Folic Acid and a variety of antioxidants. The spinach gives your body’s immune system an extra boost while the cucumber, rich in silica, helps your hair, nails and skin stay healthy. And to top it off a little blue green algae, Earth’s brain food which can help with mental clarity, concentration and is a general mood-booster. 

AppleCuCarrot: A delicious blend of apple, cucumber, and carrot. Interesting and healthy. Again the cucumber good for your hair, skin, nails while the carrot loads you up with beta-carotene, great too for your hair, skin, nails and for your eyes.

 Almond Milk: Almond, pumpkin seed, date, maple syrup, cinnamon. Almonds are a health-supportive food that help to alkalize the body (balance the body’s pH) and contain calcium. Pumpkin seeds provide a valuable source of Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and are natural vermifuge (anti-worm). Dates and maple syrup add sweetness while cinnamon is a beneficial preservative and spice. Health benefits of cinnamon vary from slowing cancer cell growth to reducing inflammation. For those who are truly allergy ridden, we’ll make just a few with almonds, dates, local honey and bee pollen. To help your body build it’s immunity against those allergens we are now surrounded by.

Pre-order your juices NOW by sending us an email! And of course, if you’d like a special personalized blend, let us know. The options of delicious juice combinations is endless (nearly).

See you at the Market! 

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