Berries, Beets & Juice

Berry Season, Bella Organics 2012

The Berries.

Berries, beets and juice, a few of my favorite things! This week was one of reflection and appreciation for the amazing produce and farmers in the Northwest. As berry season is in full swing I thought I’d take the opportunity to go berry picking and see the berry fields for myself. I headed out to Bella Organics on Sauvie Island and was greeted with row upon row of perfect berries. I was delighted to spend the afternoon harvesting berries and recognizing the hard work that goes into the process.

The Beets.

I then was greeted this morning at our kitchen with 50 pounds of beautiful gigantic beets from New Earth Farm. Beets like I’ve never seen before! So freshly pulled that I was also met by a small frog and a few slugs. This round of beets was extra special for Pure Simple Juice as they were grown using our own compost. Each week the produce seconds get swept away and carried out to the farm to be composted using the really awesome Bokashi composting process. Since we’ve been in business a year now this year’s beet crop was literally grown in part by us!

And the juice of course. This week we’ll be at the PSU Farmers Market 8:30-2pm with Blueberry Ginger Juice & Apple Kale Mint. Come enjoy with us!

New Earth Farm, Beets 2012

One response to “Berries, Beets & Juice”

  1. Scott says:

    Hi Dulcie,

    Sorry about the slugs on the beets, but the frog costs extra! Actually, my wife wants it back.
    It really is awesome to close the loop so tightly with the compost growing the food that goes right back to where it started – actually it is such a perfect circle there is no beginning and no end. Thanks again for the order and we look forward to working with you.
    New Earth Farm

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