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Pure Simple Juice Company Goals

  • + Promote individual health and balance
  • + Provide ‘a habit altering experience’ for our subscribers
  • + Encourage beneficial dietary habits through nourishing beverages
  • + Support and sustain local organic agriculture
  • +Participate in sustainable business practices and create awesome jobs

Who We Are:

Lydia Reissmuller | Owner


Lydia Reissmueller has been in the food & beverage industry for over 18 years, and currently studying food science.   Her experience ranges from menu development at Please Don’t Tell in NYC, to running Four Season Farm in Maine. Her focus is sourcing and utilizing high-quality ingredients, specifically seasonal and local produce. Lydia has combined her passion for flavor and farming, into PSJ, and uses her knowledge and experience to create inspiring and nutritionally synergistic drinks of wellness.


Dulcinea Ward | Founder, Registered Dietitian


While specializing in a whole-body approach to nutrition, Dulcie believes people can take control of their health and their lives through nourishing food, a balanced lifestyle and a positive state of mind. Establishing PSJ in 2010, she put her first juicer to work realizing the amazing benefit of fresh juice and cleansing in her own life.


Emily Penn | Manager, Nutrition Advocate


Emily has a heart for the people. Her experience in the food industry is rooted in stellar service, balanced by her insatiable hunger for nutritional knowledge.  She’s always ready & willing to ask the tough questions, search for answers and keep it all organized. She keeps our newsletters and social media interesting, informative and fun. Emily strongly believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness, supported by the best nutrition nature can offer.