A little known way to boost immunity.

Try this quick and easy at home Immune-Booster from Dr. Louise Rose.

Why is it that many people can be exposed to a circulating flu bug or virus, but only a few people get sick? Naturopathic doctors like to talk about the “terrain” of the body. We work with patients to build a vital terrain, which includes a strong immune system to protect us from the many microbes we encounter every day. Of course a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep are crucial to building a strong immune system, but adding hydrotherapy to your routine of self care has been shown to increase white blood cell activity, and decrease incidences of cold and flu viruses.

Hydrotherapy in a nutshell means therapeutic applications of hot and cold water, that act to increase blood flow which not only brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells but also enhances the elimination of cellular waste and debris. Hydrotherapy that you may be familiar with include bathing in hot mineral springs, dry sauna, constitutional hydrotherapy, or warming socks treatment; but the simplest way to bring the benefits of hydrotherapy into your routine is to end your shower with a short burst of cold (or cool) water. It is as simple as that! Take your shower as you normally do, and at the end, turn the water to cool (to start- as you get used to this you will want it colder and colder). Turn your body around and end with the cool water on your back in the kidney area. If you have the time it is nice to alternate a few rounds of hot/cold, but always end with cold! If you are someone who has poor circulation, or is always chilly, you may think this treatment is not for you. On the contrary! You will feel the increase in your circulation as your heart pumps blood back into your extremities and you will feel warmer when you get out of the shower!

Dr. Rose uses hydrotherapy (among other things) to build healthy terrain in her patients! She offers an incredible constitutional hydrotherapy program great for detox, healthy digestion and to boost immunity. It’s truly a healing experience.  Find Out More! 

Louise Rose ND, Rose Cabinet Medicine 2135 NE 55th Ave Portland OR 97213, 503-308-8608 rosecabinetmedicine.com

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