5 Foods to Avoid Before A Cleanse

Nutrition from the DietitianI was recently discussing the basics of a cleanse and was asked about the length of the cleanse being 3-or 5 days and if that was enough time for one to “really cleanse”. My answer, our bodies are constantly filtering, detoxifying and metabolizing so although you know it or not, your body is always cleansing. By following a very simple whole foods diet, drinking only fresh juices as part of juice cleanse or water fasting, all cleansing practices, you can minimize the load you put on your body and allow it time and energy to heal.

On that note, although the Pure Simple Juice Cleanse is typically 3-or 5 days of just juice, my recommendation is to cleanse to juice and then slowly reintroduce foods. Making the average length of a cleanse at least one week.

5 Foods to AVOID (limit) before & after a cleanse

1. Sugar. There is no “good” or “okay” amount of refined sugar in your diet, many people would classify sugar as a dietary toxin. Despite the loose guidelines given by the USDA, refined sugar can lead to excess weight gain, blood sugar swings, increased insulin output and in some cases diets high in sugar have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Bottom line, leave it out. Instead choose naturally sweet foods such as fresh fruit, dried fruit and/or raw juice. Healthiest sweeteners: date sugar (made from dried dates) and blackstrap molasses.

2. Alcohol. A definite toxin and cause of dehydration it’s best to take it easy with alcohol going into the cleanse, especially avoiding alcohol the evening before the cleanse.

3. Wheat. Increasingly more and more people are developing wheat allergies and intolerances. This highly inflammatory grain is often the root of some digestive issues and is a common allergen. This means avoid most all processed food products, bread, pasta and cereals.

4. Dairy. Also a common allergen and food that often people develop intolerances to later in life, dairy is best to reduce and limit before and after the cleanse.

5. Caffeine. Much beloved in Portland, caffeine is okay and even proven to be beneficial in small doses. It’s the giant latte’s full of cream and sugar and double/triple shots of espresso that can cross the line.  Pre-cleanse it’s best to reduce your caffeine intake and ideally take a little break while cleansing. Alternatives include tea and Dandy Blend or Teeccino, both coffee alternatives.

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