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1620 SE 3rd Ave, Portland | M|T|TH 11am-2pm, Sun|Wed 9am-2pm, Fri 11am-6pm
Individual juices, Seed Milks, Herbal Elixirs | Grab-n-go Salads, Soups & Snacks

Find us in beautiful Portland, outside the worldwide web:

At our at our kitchen 1620 SE 3rd Ave,  just south of Clay

+ Wednesdays & Sundays 9am-2pm  to sample our juices, seed milks and herbal elixirs 

+ Monday-Friday 11am-2pm,  we offer grab-n-go soups & salads and sell juices and other local superfoods

Every Saturday at the PSU Farmer’s Market 8:30am-2pm we’re located in the middle of the row on the West Side, look for our red umbrella!